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class ACL

allow_addr? allow_socket? install_list .new ::ALLOW_DENY ::DENY_ALLOW ::VERSION

object ARGF

class ARGF.class

argv binmode binmode? bytes chars close closed? codepoints each each_byte each_char each_codepoint eof external_encoding file filename fileno getbyte getc gets inplace_mode inplace_mode= inspect internal_encoding lineno lineno= lines pos pos= print printf putc puts read read_nonblock readbyte readchar readline readlines readpartial rewind seek set_encoding skip to_io to_write_io write

module Abbrev


class Addrinfo

afamily bind canonname connect connect_from connect_to family_addrinfo getnameinfo inspect_sockaddr ip? ip_address ip_port ip_unpack ipv4? ipv4_loopback? ipv4_multicast? ipv4_private? ipv6? ipv6_linklocal? ipv6_loopback? ipv6_mc_global? ipv6_mc_linklocal? ipv6_mc_nodelocal? ipv6_mc_orglocal? ipv6_mc_sitelocal? ipv6_multicast? ipv6_sitelocal? ipv6_to_ipv4 ipv6_unique_local? ipv6_unspecified? ipv6_v4compat? ipv6_v4mapped? listen pfamily protocol socktype to_s unix? unix_path .foreach .getaddrinfo .ip .new .tcp .udp .unix

class ArgumentError

class Array

& * + - << <=> == [] []= abbrev any? assoc bsearch bsearch_index clear clone collect collect! combination compact concat count cycle delete delete_at delete_if dig drop drop_while each each_index empty? eql? fetch fill find_index first flatten hash include? insert inspect join keep_if last length max min pack permutation pop product push rassoc reject repeated_combination repeated_permutation replace reverse reverse_each rindex rotate rotate! sample select select! shelljoin shift shuffle shuffle! slice slice! sort sort_by! sum take take_while to_a to_ary to_csv to_h transpose uniq unshift values_at zip | .[] .new .try_convert

module Base64

.#decode64 .#encode64 .#strict_decode64 .#strict_encode64 .#urlsafe_decode64 .#urlsafe_encode64

class BasicObject

! != == __id__ __send__ equal? instance_eval instance_exec method_missing singleton_method_added singleton_method_removed singleton_method_undefined

class BasicSocket

connect_address do_not_reverse_lookup do_not_reverse_lookup= getpeereid getpeername getsockname getsockopt local_address recv recv_nonblock recvmsg recvmsg_nonblock remote_address send sendmsg sendmsg_nonblock setsockopt shutdown .do_not_reverse_lookup .do_not_reverse_lookup= .for_fd

module Benchmark

.#benchmark .#bm .#bmbm .#measure .#realtime ::BENCHMARK_VERSION ::CAPTION ::FORMAT

class Benchmark::Job

item list width .new

class Benchmark::Report

item list .new

class Benchmark::Tms

* + - / add add! cstime cutime format label memberwise real stime to_a to_s total utime .new ::CAPTION ::FORMAT

class BigDecimal

% * ** + +@ - -@ / < <= <=> == > >= _dump abs add ceil coerce div divmod exponent finite? fix floor frac hash infinite? inspect mult nan? nonzero? precs remainder round save_exception_mode save_limit save_rounding_mode sign split sqrt sub to_d to_digits to_f to_i to_json to_r to_s truncate zero? ._load .double_fig .json_create .limit .mode .new .ver ::BASE ::EXCEPTION_ALL ::EXCEPTION_INFINITY ::EXCEPTION_NaN ::EXCEPTION_OVERFLOW ::EXCEPTION_UNDERFLOW ::EXCEPTION_ZERODIVIDE ::INFINITY ::NAN ::ROUND_CEILING ::ROUND_DOWN ::ROUND_FLOOR ::ROUND_HALF_DOWN ::ROUND_HALF_EVEN ::ROUND_HALF_UP ::ROUND_MODE ::ROUND_UP ::SIGN_NEGATIVE_FINITE ::SIGN_NEGATIVE_INFINITE ::SIGN_NEGATIVE_ZERO ::SIGN_NaN ::SIGN_POSITIVE_FINITE ::SIGN_POSITIVE_INFINITE ::SIGN_POSITIVE_ZERO

module BigMath

.#E .#PI .#atan .#cos .#exp .#log .#sin .#sqrt

class Bignum

class Binding

eval irb local_variable_defined? local_variable_get local_variable_set local_variables receiver

class CGI

accept_charset header nph? out print .accept_charset .accept_charset= .escape .escapeElement .escapeHTML .parse .pretty .rfc1123_date .unescape .unescapeElement .unescapeHTML ::CR ::EOL ::HTTP_STATUS ::LF ::MAX_MULTIPART_COUNT ::MAX_MULTIPART_LENGTH ::NEEDS_BINMODE ::PATH_SEPARATOR ::RFC822_DAYS ::RFC822_MONTHS ::TABLE_FOR_ESCAPE_HTML__

class CGI::Cookie

domain domain= expires expires= name name= path path= secure secure= to_s value value= .new .parse

module CGI::Html3

doctype element_init

module CGI::Html4

doctype element_init

module CGI::Html4Fr

doctype element_init

module CGI::Html4Tr

doctype element_init

module CGI::HtmlExtension

a base blockquote caption checkbox checkbox_group file_field form hidden html image_button img multipart_form password_field popup_menu radio_button radio_group reset submit text_field textarea

class CGI::InvalidEncoding

module CGI::QueryExtension

[] accept accept_charset accept_encoding accept_language auth_type cache_control content_length content_type cookies cookies= create_body files from gateway_interface has_key? host keys multipart? negotiate params params= path_info path_translated pragma query_string raw_cookie raw_cookie2 referer remote_addr remote_host remote_ident remote_user request_method script_name server_name server_port server_protocol server_software unescape_filename? user_agent

module CGI::QueryExtension::Value

[] first set_params to_a

class CGI::Session

[] []= close delete new_session session_id update .callback .new

class CGI::Session::FileStore

close delete restore update .new

class CGI::Session::MemoryStore

close delete restore update .new

class CGI::Session::NoSession

class CGI::Session::NullStore

close delete restore update .new

class CGI::Session::PStore

close delete restore update .new

module CGI::TagMaker

nOE_element_def nO_element_def nn_element_def

module CMath

.#acos .#acos! .#acosh .#acosh! .#asin .#asin! .#asinh .#asinh! .#atan .#atan! .#atan2 .#atan2! .#atanh .#atanh! .#cbrt .#cbrt! .#cos .#cos! .#cosh .#cosh! .#exp .#exp! .#log .#log! .#log10 .#log10! .#log2 .#log2! .#sin .#sin! .#sinh .#sinh! .#sqrt .#sqrt! .#tan .#tan! .#tanh .#tanh!

class CSV

<< binmode binmode? close close_read close_write closed? col_sep convert converters each encoding eof external_encoding fcntl field_size_limit fileno flock flush force_quotes? fsync gets header_convert header_converters header_row? headers inspect internal_encoding ioctl isatty lineno path pid pos pos= quote_char read reopen return_headers? rewind row_sep seek skip_blanks? stat string sync sync= to_io truncate unconverted_fields? write_headers? .filter .foreach .generate .generate_line .instance .new .open .parse .parse_line .read .table ::ConverterEncoding ::Converters ::DEFAULT_OPTIONS ::DateMatcher ::DateTimeMatcher ::HeaderConverters ::VERSION

class CSV::FieldInfo

header header= index index= line line=

class CSV::MalformedCSVError

class CSV::Row

<< == [] []= delete delete_if each empty? field? field_row? fields header? header_row? headers index inspect length push row to_csv to_hash .new

class CSV::Table

<< == [] []= by_col by_col! by_col_or_row by_col_or_row! by_row by_row! delete delete_if each empty? headers inspect length mode push table to_a to_csv values_at .new

class Class

_load allocate inherited json_creatable? new superclass .new

class ClosedQueueError

module Comparable

< <= == > >= between? clamp

class Complex

* ** + - -@ / < <= == > >= abs abs2 angle between? clamp coerce conj denominator fdiv finite? imag infinite? inspect marshal_dump numerator polar rationalize real real? rect to_c to_f to_i to_json to_s .json_create .polar .rect ::I

class ConditionVariable

class Continuation


class Coverage

.peek_result .result .start

class DBM

[] []= clear close closed? delete delete_if each each_key each_value empty? fetch has_key? has_value? index invert key keys length reject replace select shift store to_a to_hash update values values_at .new .open ::NEWDB ::READER ::VERSION ::WRCREAT ::WRITER

class DBMError

class DEBUGGER__

module DRb

.#config .#current_server .#front .#here? .#install_acl .#install_id_conv .#primary_server .#primary_server= .#start_service .#stop_service .#thread .#uri

class DRb::DRbBadScheme

class DRb::DRbBadURI

class DRb::DRbConnError

class DRb::DRbError

class DRb::DRbIdConv

to_id to_obj

class DRb::DRbObject

== __drbref __drburi .new_with_uri

module DRb::DRbObservable

module DRb::DRbProtocol


class DRb::DRbRemoteError


class DRb::DRbServer

alive? config front here? safe_level stop_service thread uri verbose verbose= .default_acl .default_argc_limit .default_id_conv .default_load_limit .default_safe_level .new .verbose .verbose= ::INSECURE_METHOD

class DRb::DRbServerNotFound

module DRb::DRbUndumped

class DRb::DRbUnknown

buf exception name reload

class DRb::DRbUnknownError


class DRb::ExtServ

alive? front server stop_service .new

class DRb::ExtServManager

service uri uri= .command .command= .new

class DRb::GW

[] []= .new

class DRb::GWIdConv

class DRb::TimerIdConv

to_id to_obj .new

class DRbIdConv

class DRbObject

module DRbUndumped

class Data

class Date

+ - << <=> === >> ajd amjd asctime cwday cweek cwyear day downto england friday? gregorian gregorian? httpdate iso8601 italy jd jisx0301 julian julian? ld leap? mjd mon monday? new_start next next_day next_month next_year prev_day prev_month prev_year rfc2822 saturday? start step strftime sunday? thursday? to_date to_datetime to_json to_s to_time tuesday? upto wday wednesday? xmlschema yday year ._httpdate ._iso8601 ._jisx0301 ._parse ._rfc2822 ._rfc3339 ._strptime ._xmlschema .civil .commercial .gregorian_leap? .httpdate .iso8601 .jd .jisx0301 .json_create .julian_leap? .ordinal .parse .rfc2822 .rfc3339 .strptime .today .valid_civil? .valid_commercial? .valid_jd? .valid_ordinal? .xmlschema ::ENGLAND ::GREGORIAN ::ITALY ::JULIAN

class Date::Error

class DateTime

hour iso8601 jisx0301 min new_offset offset sec sec_fraction to_json zone ._strptime .civil .commercial .httpdate .iso8601 .jd .jisx0301 .json_create .now .ordinal .parse .rfc2822 .rfc3339 .strptime .today .xmlschema

class Delegator

! != == __getobj__ __setobj__ freeze marshal_dump marshal_load method_missing methods protected_methods public_methods respond_to? respond_to_missing?

module Digest

.#bubblebabble .#hexencode

class Digest::Base

<< == block_length clone digest digest! digest_length file hexdigest hexdigest! reset .digest .file .hexdigest .new

class Digest::Class

module Digest::Instance

class Digest::MD5

class Digest::RMD160

class Digest::SHA1

class Digest::SHA2

block_length digest_length .new

class Digest::SHA256

class Digest::SHA384

class Digest::SHA512

class Dir

close each fileno inspect path pos pos= read rewind .[] .chdir .chroot .delete .empty? .entries .exist? .exists? .foreach .getwd .home .mkdir .mktmpdir .new .tmpdir

module DublinCoreModel

dc_contributor dc_contributors dc_coverage dc_coverages dc_creator dc_creators dc_date dc_dates dc_description dc_descriptions dc_format dc_formats dc_identifier dc_identifiers dc_language dc_languages dc_publisher dc_publishers dc_relation dc_relations dc_rights dc_rightses dc_source dc_sources dc_subject dc_subjects dc_title dc_titles dc_type dc_types

object ENV

.[] .[]= .assoc .clear .clone .delete .delete_if .each .each_key .each_value .empty? .fetch .has_key? .has_value? .index .inspect .invert .keep_if .keys .length .rassoc .rehash .reject .replace .select .shift .to_a .to_h .to_hash .to_s .update .values .values_at

class EOFError

class ERB

def_class def_method def_module filename filename= result run set_eoutvar src .new .version

module ERB::DefMethod


module ERB::Util

.#h .#u

class Encoding

ascii_compatible? dummy? inspect name names replicate .aliases .compatible? .default_external .default_external= .default_internal .default_internal= .find .list .locale_charmap .name_list ::ANSI_X3_4_1968 ::ASCII_8BIT ::BIG5 ::BIG5_HKSCS ::BIG5_UAO ::CP1250 ::CP1251 ::CP1252 ::CP1253 ::CP1254 ::CP1255 ::CP1256 ::CP1257 ::CP1258 ::CP437 ::CP50220 ::CP50221 ::CP51932 ::CP65000 ::CP65001 ::CP737 ::CP775 ::CP850 ::CP852 ::CP855 ::CP857 ::CP860 ::CP861 ::CP862 ::CP863 ::CP864 ::CP865 ::CP866 ::CP869 ::CP874 ::CP878 ::CP932 ::CP936 ::CP949 ::CP950 ::CP951 ::EBCDIC_CP_US ::EMACS_MULE ::EUCCN ::EUCJP ::EUCJP_MS ::EUCKR ::EUCTW ::GB12345 ::GB18030 ::GB1988 ::ISO2022_JP ::ISO2022_JP2 ::ISO8859_1 ::ISO8859_10 ::ISO8859_11 ::ISO8859_13 ::ISO8859_14 ::ISO8859_15 ::ISO8859_16 ::ISO8859_2 ::ISO8859_3 ::ISO8859_4 ::ISO8859_5 ::ISO8859_6 ::ISO8859_7 ::ISO8859_8 ::ISO8859_9 ::ISO_2022_JP_KDDI ::KOI8_U ::MACCENTEURO ::MACCROATIAN ::MACCYRILLIC ::MACGREEK ::MACICELAND ::MACJAPAN ::MACROMAN ::MACROMANIA ::MACTHAI ::MACTURKISH ::MACUKRAINE ::SHIFT_JIS ::SJIS_DOCOMO ::SJIS_KDDI ::SJIS_SOFTBANK ::STATELESS_ISO_2022_JP ::STATELESS_ISO_2022_JP_KDDI ::TIS_620 ::UCS_2BE ::UCS_4BE ::UCS_4LE ::UTF8_DOCOMO ::UTF8_KDDI ::UTF8_MAC ::UTF8_SOFTBANK ::UTF_16 ::UTF_16LE ::UTF_32

class Encoding::CompatibilityError

class Encoding::Converter

convert convpath destination_encoding finish insert_output inspect last_error primitive_convert primitive_errinfo putback replacement replacement= source_encoding .asciicompat_encoding .new .search_convpath

class Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError

class Encoding::InvalidByteSequenceError

destination_encoding destination_encoding_name error_bytes incomplete_input? readagain_bytes source_encoding source_encoding_name

class Encoding::UndefinedConversionError

destination_encoding destination_encoding_name error_char source_encoding source_encoding_name

class EncodingError

module Enumerable

all? any? chunk chunk_while collect collect_concat count cycle detect drop drop_while each_cons each_entry each_slice each_with_index each_with_object entries find_all find_index first grep grep_v group_by include? inject lazy max max_by min min_by minmax minmax_by none? one? partition reject reverse_each slice_after slice_before slice_when sort sort_by sum take take_while to_h to_set uniq zip

class Enumerator

each feed next next_values peek peek_values rewind size with_index with_object .new

class Enumerator::Lazy

chunk chunk_while collect collect_concat drop drop_while enum_for find_all force grep grep_v lazy reject slice_after slice_before slice_when take take_while uniq zip .new

class Enumerator::Yielder

<< yield

module Errno

class Errno::E2BIG

class Errno::EACCES

class Errno::EADDRINUSE


class Errno::EADV


class Errno::EAGAIN

class Errno::EALREADY

class Errno::EAUTH

class Errno::EBADE

class Errno::EBADF

class Errno::EBADFD

class Errno::EBADMSG

class Errno::EBADR

class Errno::EBADRPC

class Errno::EBADRQC

class Errno::EBADSLT

class Errno::EBFONT

class Errno::EBUSY

class Errno::ECANCELED

class Errno::ECAPMODE

class Errno::ECHILD

class Errno::ECHRNG

class Errno::ECOMM



class Errno::ECONNRESET

class Errno::EDEADLK

class Errno::EDEADLOCK


class Errno::EDOM

class Errno::EDOOFUS

class Errno::EDOTDOT

class Errno::EDQUOT

class Errno::EEXIST

class Errno::EFAULT

class Errno::EFBIG

class Errno::EFTYPE

class Errno::EHOSTDOWN


class Errno::EHWPOISON

class Errno::EIDRM

class Errno::EILSEQ

class Errno::EINPROGRESS

class Errno::EINTR

class Errno::EINVAL

class Errno::EIO

class Errno::EIPSEC

class Errno::EISCONN

class Errno::EISDIR

class Errno::EISNAM

class Errno::EKEYEXPIRED


class Errno::EKEYREVOKED

class Errno::EL2HLT

class Errno::EL2NSYNC

class Errno::EL3HLT

class Errno::EL3RST

class Errno::ELIBACC

class Errno::ELIBBAD

class Errno::ELIBEXEC

class Errno::ELIBMAX

class Errno::ELIBSCN

class Errno::ELNRNG

class Errno::ELOOP

class Errno::EMEDIUMTYPE

class Errno::EMFILE

class Errno::EMLINK

class Errno::EMSGSIZE

class Errno::EMULTIHOP


class Errno::ENAVAIL

class Errno::ENEEDAUTH

class Errno::ENETDOWN

class Errno::ENETRESET

class Errno::ENETUNREACH

class Errno::ENFILE

class Errno::ENOANO

class Errno::ENOATTR

class Errno::ENOBUFS

class Errno::ENOCSI

class Errno::ENODATA

class Errno::ENODEV

class Errno::ENOENT

class Errno::ENOEXEC

class Errno::ENOKEY

class Errno::ENOLCK

class Errno::ENOLINK

class Errno::ENOMEDIUM

class Errno::ENOMEM

class Errno::ENOMSG

class Errno::ENONET

class Errno::ENOPKG

class Errno::ENOPROTOOPT

class Errno::ENOSPC

class Errno::ENOSR

class Errno::ENOSTR

class Errno::ENOSYS

class Errno::ENOTBLK

class Errno::ENOTCAPABLE

class Errno::ENOTCONN

class Errno::ENOTDIR

class Errno::ENOTEMPTY

class Errno::ENOTNAM


class Errno::ENOTSOCK

class Errno::ENOTSUP

class Errno::ENOTTY

class Errno::ENOTUNIQ

class Errno::ENXIO

class Errno::EOPNOTSUPP

class Errno::EOVERFLOW

class Errno::EOWNERDEAD

class Errno::EPERM


class Errno::EPIPE

class Errno::EPROCLIM




class Errno::EPROTO


class Errno::EPROTOTYPE

class Errno::ERANGE

class Errno::EREMCHG

class Errno::EREMOTE

class Errno::EREMOTEIO

class Errno::ERESTART

class Errno::ERFKILL

class Errno::EROFS


class Errno::ESHUTDOWN


class Errno::ESPIPE

class Errno::ESRCH

class Errno::ESRMNT

class Errno::ESTALE

class Errno::ESTRPIPE

class Errno::ETIME

class Errno::ETIMEDOUT


class Errno::ETXTBSY

class Errno::EUCLEAN

class Errno::EUNATCH

class Errno::EUSERS

class Errno::EWOULDBLOCK

class Errno::EXDEV

class Errno::EXFULL

class Errno::EXXX

.new ::Errno

class Errno::NOERROR

module Etc

.#confstr .#endgrent .#endpwent .#getgrent .#getgrgid .#getgrnam .#getlogin .#getpwent .#getpwnam .#getpwuid .#group .#nprocessors .#passwd .#setgrent .#setpwent .#sysconf .#sysconfdir .#systmpdir .#uname ::CS_GNU_LIBC_VERSION ::PC_2_SYMLINKS ::SC_2_CHAR_TERM

class Etc::Group

class Etc::Passwd

class Exception

== backtrace backtrace_locations cause exception inspect message set_backtrace to_json .exception .json_create

module Exception2MessageMapper

Fail bind def_e2message def_exception fail .Fail .def_e2message .def_exception .e2mm_message .extend_object

module Exception2MessageMapper::E2MM

class Exception2MessageMapper::ErrNotRegisteredException

class ExceptionForMatrix::ErrDimensionMismatch

class ExceptionForMatrix::ErrNotRegular

class ExceptionForMatrix::ErrOperationNotDefined

class FalseClass

& ^ inspect |

module Fcntl


class Fiber

alive? resume transfer .current .new .yield

class FiberError

module Fiddle


module Fiddle::BasicTypes

class Fiddle::CStruct

to_i to_ptr .malloc .new .size

class Fiddle::CUnion

class Fiddle::Closure

args ctype to_i .new

class Fiddle::Closure::BlockCaller

call .new

class Fiddle::DLError

class Fiddle::Function

abi call name ptr to_i .new ::DEFAULT ::STDCALL

class Fiddle::Handle

[] close close_enabled? disable_close enable_close to_i .[] .new ::DEFAULT ::NEXT ::RTLD_GLOBAL ::RTLD_LAZY ::RTLD_NOW

module Fiddle::Importer

[] bind create_value dlload extern import_symbol sizeof struct typealias union

class Fiddle::Pointer

+ +@ - -@ <=> == [] []= free free= null? size size= to_i to_s to_str to_value .[] .malloc .new

module Fiddle::Win32Types

class File

atime birthtime chmod chown ctime flock lstat mtime path size truncate .absolute_path .atime .basename .birthtime .blockdev? .chardev? .chmod .chown .ctime .delete .directory? .dirname .empty? .executable? .executable_real? .exist? .exists? .expand_path .extname .file? .fnmatch .ftype .grpowned? .identical? .join .lchmod .lchown .link .lstat .mkfifo .mtime .new .owned? .path .pipe? .readable? .readable_real? .readlink .realdirpath .realpath .rename .setgid? .setuid? .size .size? .socket? .split .stat .sticky? .symlink .symlink? .truncate .umask .utime .world_readable? .world_writable? .writable? .writable_real? ::ALT_SEPARATOR ::PATH_SEPARATOR ::SEPARATOR

module File::Constants


class File::Stat

<=> atime birthtime blksize blockdev? blocks chardev? ctime dev dev_major dev_minor directory? executable? executable_real? file? ftype gid grpowned? ino mode mtime nlink owned? pipe? rdev rdev_major rdev_minor readable? readable_real? setgid? setuid? size size? socket? sticky? symlink? uid world_readable? world_writable? writable? writable_real? zero? .new

class FileList

module FileTest

.#blockdev? .#chardev? .#directory? .#empty? .#executable? .#executable_real? .#exist? .#exists? .#file? .#grpowned? .#identical? .#owned? .#pipe? .#readable? .#readable_real? .#setgid? .#setuid? .#size .#size? .#socket? .#sticky? .#symlink? .#world_readable? .#world_writable? .#writable? .#writable_real?

module FileUtils

ruby safe_ln sh split_all .#cd .#chmod .#chmod_R .#chown .#chown_R .#cmp .#compare_stream .#copy .#copy_entry .#copy_file .#copy_stream .#cp_r .#getwd .#install .#link .#ln_s .#ln_sf .#makedirs .#mkdir .#move .#remove .#remove_dir .#remove_entry .#remove_entry_secure .#remove_file .#rm_f .#rm_r .#rm_rf .#rmdir .#touch .#uptodate? .collect_method .commands .have_option? .options .options_of ::METHODS ::OPT_TABLE

module FileUtils::DryRun

module FileUtils::NoWrite

module FileUtils::Verbose

module Find

.#find .#prune

class Fixnum

class Float

% * ** + - -@ / < <= <=> == > >= abs angle ceil denominator divmod eql? finite? floor hash infinite? inspect nan? negative? next_float numerator positive? prev_float rationalize round to_d to_f to_i to_r zero? ::DIG ::EPSILON ::INFINITY ::MANT_DIG ::MAX ::MAX_10_EXP ::MAX_EXP ::MIN ::MIN_10_EXP ::MIN_EXP ::NAN ::RADIX ::ROUNDS

class FloatDomainError

module Forwardable

def_delegator def_delegators delegate .debug .debug= ::FORWARDABLE_VERSION

module GC

garbage_collect .count .disable .enable .latest_gc_info .start .stat .stress .stress= ::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS ::OPTS

module GC::Profiler

.clear .disable .enable .enabled? .raw_data .report .result .total_time

class GDBM

[] []= cachesize= clear close closed? delete delete_if each each_key each_value empty? fastmode= fetch has_key? has_value? index invert key keys length reject reorganize replace select shift store sync syncmode= to_a to_hash update values values_at .new .open ::FAST ::NEWDB ::NOLOCK ::READER ::SYNC ::VERSION ::WRCREAT ::WRITER

class GDBMError

class GDBMFatalError

module Gem

.#clear_paths .#dir .#ensure_gem_subdirectories .#marshal_version .#path .#prefix .#set_home .#set_paths .#source_index .#win_platform? .default_bindir .default_dir .default_exec_format .default_path .default_sources .default_system_source_cache_dir .default_user_source_cache_dir .ensure_ssl_available .ruby_engine .ssl_available? .user_dir ::ConfigMap ::DIRECTORIES ::MD5 ::RubyGemsPackageVersion ::SHA1 ::SHA256 ::WIN_PATTERNS

class Gem::Builder

build success .new

class Gem::Cache

class Gem::Command

add_extra_args add_option arguments begins? command defaults defaults= defaults_str description execute get_all_gem_names get_one_gem_name get_one_optional_argument handle_options handles? invoke merge_options options program_name program_name= remove_option show_help show_lookup_failure summary summary= usage when_invoked .add_common_option .add_specific_extra_args .build_args .build_args= .common_options .extra_args .extra_args= .specific_extra_args .specific_extra_args_hash ::HELP

class Gem::CommandLineError

class Gem::CommandManager

[] command_names find_command find_command_possibilities process_args register_command run .instance

class Gem::Commands::BuildCommand

arguments execute load_gemspecs usage yaml?

class Gem::Commands::CertCommand

class Gem::Commands::CheckCommand

class Gem::Commands::CleanupCommand

class Gem::Commands::ContentsCommand

class Gem::Commands::DependencyCommand

arguments execute find_gems find_reverse_dependencies print_dependencies usage

class Gem::Commands::EnvironmentCommand

class Gem::Commands::FetchCommand

class Gem::Commands::GenerateIndexCommand

class Gem::Commands::HelpCommand


class Gem::Commands::InstallCommand

class Gem::Commands::ListCommand

class Gem::Commands::LockCommand

complain spec_path

class Gem::Commands::MirrorCommand

class Gem::Commands::OutdatedCommand

class Gem::Commands::PristineCommand

class Gem::Commands::QueryCommand

class Gem::Commands::RdocCommand

class Gem::Commands::SearchCommand

class Gem::Commands::ServerCommand

class Gem::Commands::SourcesCommand

class Gem::Commands::SpecificationCommand

class Gem::Commands::StaleCommand

class Gem::Commands::UninstallCommand

class Gem::Commands::UnpackCommand


class Gem::Commands::UpdateCommand

do_rubygems_update which_to_update

class Gem::Commands::WhichCommand

find_paths gem_paths ::EXT

class Gem::ConfigFile

[] []= args backtrace backtrace= benchmark benchmark= bulk_threshold bulk_threshold= config_file_name each handle_arguments hash load_file path path= really_verbose update_sources update_sources= verbose verbose= write ::DEFAULT_BACKTRACE ::DEFAULT_BENCHMARK ::DEFAULT_BULK_THRESHOLD ::DEFAULT_UPDATE_SOURCES ::DEFAULT_VERBOSITY ::OPERATING_SYSTEM_DEFAULTS ::PLATFORM_DEFAULTS ::SYSTEM_WIDE_CONFIG_FILE

class Gem::ConsoleUI

module Gem::DefaultUserInteraction

ui ui= use_ui .ui .ui= .use_ui

class Gem::Dependency

<=> =~ name name= requirement_list type version_requirements version_requirements= ::TYPES

class Gem::DependencyError

class Gem::DependencyInstaller

find_gems_with_sources find_spec_by_name_and_version gather_dependencies gems_to_install install installed_gems .new ::DEFAULT_OPTIONS

class Gem::DependencyList

add dependency_order find_name ok? ok_to_remove? remove_by_name spec_predecessors .from_source_index

class Gem::DependencyRemovalException

class Gem::DigestAdapter

digest hexdigest new .new

class Gem::DocManager

generate_rdoc generate_ri install_rdoc install_ri rdoc_installed? run_rdoc setup_rdoc uninstall_doc .configured_args .configured_args= .load_rdoc .new .update_ri_cache

class Gem::DocumentError

class Gem::EndOfYAMLException

class Gem::Exception

module Gem::Ext

class Gem::Ext::Builder

.class_name .make .redirector .run

class Gem::Ext::ConfigureBuilder


class Gem::Ext::ExtConfBuilder


class Gem::Ext::RakeBuilder


class Gem::FakeFetcher

class Gem::FileOperations


class Gem::FilePermissionError

class Gem::Format

file_entries file_entries= gem_path gem_path= spec spec= .from_file_by_path .from_io .new

class Gem::FormatException

class Gem::GemNotFoundException

class Gem::GemNotInHomeException

class Gem::GemPathSearcher

find find_all init_gemspecs lib_dirs_for matching_file? matching_files .new

class Gem::GemRunner


class Gem::Indexer

abbreviate build_indices collect_specs compact_specs compress dest_directory directory gem_file_list generate_index gzip install_indices make_temp_directories paranoid sanitize sanitize_string .new

class Gem::InstallError

module Gem::InstallUpdateOptions

add_install_update_options install_update_defaults_str

class Gem::Installer

app_script_text bin_dir build_extensions ensure_dependency extract_files formatted_program_filename gem_home generate_bin generate_bin_script generate_bin_symlink generate_windows_script install installation_satisfies_dependency? shebang spec unpack windows_stub_script write_spec .exec_format .exec_format= .home_install_warning .home_install_warning= .new .path_warning .path_warning=

class Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError

class Gem::InvalidSpecificationException

class Gem::LoadError

name name= version_requirement version_requirement=

module Gem::LocalRemoteOptions

accept_uri_http add_bulk_threshold_option add_local_remote_options add_proxy_option add_source_option add_update_sources_option both? local? remote?

class Gem::OldFormat

file_entries file_entries= gem_path gem_path= spec spec= .from_file_by_path .from_io .new

class Gem::OperationNotSupportedError

module Gem::Package

.open .pack

class Gem::Package::BadCheckSum

class Gem::Package::ClosedIO

class Gem::Package::Error

module Gem::Package::FSyncDir


class Gem::Package::FormatError

class Gem::Package::NonSeekableIO

class Gem::Package::TarHeader

== checksum devmajor devminor empty? gid gname linkname magic mode mtime name prefix size to_s typeflag uid uname update_checksum version .from ::FIELDS ::PACK_FORMAT ::UNPACK_FORMAT

class Gem::Package::TarInput

close each extract_entry load_gemspec metadata zipped_stream .new .open

class Gem::Package::TarOutput

add_gem_contents add_metadata add_signatures close .new .open

class Gem::Package::TarReader

close each rewind .new

class Gem::Package::TarReader::Entry

bytes_read close closed? directory? eof? file? full_name getc header pos read rewind

class Gem::Package::TarReader::UnexpectedEOF

class Gem::Package::TarWriter

add_file add_file_simple check_closed close closed? flush mkdir .new

class Gem::Package::TarWriter::BoundedStream

limit write written .new

class Gem::Package::TarWriter::FileOverflow

class Gem::Package::TarWriter::RestrictedStream

write .new

class Gem::Package::TooLongFileName

class Gem::Platform

== === =~ cpu cpu= os os= to_a to_s version version= .local .match .new ::CURRENT ::RUBY

module Gem::QuickLoader

calculate_integers_for_gem_version const_missing method_missing push_all_highest_version_gems_on_load_path push_gem_version_on_load_path .load_full_rubygems_library ::GemPaths ::GemVersions

class Gem::RemoteError

class Gem::RemoteFetcher

connection_for download escape fetch_path fetch_size file_uri? get_file_uri_path get_proxy_from_env normalize_uri open_uri_or_path request reset unescape .fetcher .fetcher=

class Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError

uri .new

class Gem::RemoteInstallationCancelled

class Gem::RemoteInstallationSkipped

class Gem::RemoteSourceException

module Gem::RequirePathsBuilder


class Gem::Requirement

=== as_list concat exact? none? prerelease? pretty_print specific? to_s .create .default .new .parse ::OPS

module Gem::SSL


module Gem::Security

.add_trusted_cert .build_cert .build_self_signed_cert .sign_cert .verify_trust_dir ::AlmostNoSecurity ::HighSecurity ::LowSecurity ::MediumSecurity ::NoSecurity ::OPT ::Policies

class Gem::Security::Exception

class Gem::Security::Policy

only_signed only_signed= only_trusted only_trusted= verify_chain verify_chain= verify_data verify_data= verify_gem verify_root verify_root= verify_signer verify_signer= .new .trusted_cert_path

class Gem::Security::Signer

cert_chain cert_chain= key key= sign .new

class Gem::Server

Marshal latest_specs quick root run specs yaml .new .run ::DOC_TEMPLATE ::RDOC_CSS

class Gem::SilentUI

class Gem::SourceIndex

add_spec add_specs dump each find_name gem_signature index_signature latest_specs length load_gems_in outdated refresh! remove_spec search size spec_dirs spec_dirs= specification update .from_gems_in .from_installed_gems .installed_spec_directories .load_specification .new

class Gem::SourceInfoCache

cache_data cache_file flush latest_cache_data latest_cache_file latest_system_cache_file latest_user_cache_file read_all_cache_data read_cache_data refresh reset_cache_data reset_cache_file reset_cache_for search search_with_source set_cache_data system_cache_file try_file update user_cache_file write_cache .cache .cache_data .latest_system_cache_file .latest_user_cache_file .reset .search .search_with_source .system_cache_file .user_cache_file

class Gem::SourceInfoCacheEntry

refresh size source_index .new

class Gem::SpecFetcher

cache_dir dir fetch fetch_spec find_matching latest_specs legacy_repos list load_specs specs warn_legacy .fetcher .fetcher=

class Gem::Specification

_dump add_bindir add_dependency add_development_dependency assign_defaults author author= authors authors= autorequire autorequire= bindir bindir= cert_chain cert_chain= date date= default_executable default_executable= dependencies dependent_gems description description= development_dependencies email email= executable executable= executables executables= extensions extensions= extra_rdoc_files extra_rdoc_files= file_name files files= full_gem_path full_name has_rdoc has_rdoc= has_rdoc? has_test_suite? has_unit_tests? homepage homepage= installation_path lib_files loaded= loaded? loaded_from loaded_from= mark_version name name= normalize original_name original_platform original_platform= platform platform= post_install_message post_install_message= rdoc_options rdoc_options= require_path require_path= require_paths require_paths= required_ruby_version required_ruby_version= required_rubygems_version required_rubygems_version= requirements requirements= rubygems_version rubygems_version= runtime_dependencies satisfies_requirement? signing_key signing_key= specification_version specification_version= summary summary= test_file test_file= test_files test_files= test_suite_file test_suite_file= to_ruby validate version version= yaml_initialize ._load .array_attribute .array_attributes .attribute .attribute_alias_singular .attribute_defaults .attribute_names .attributes .default_value .from_yaml .list .load .normalize_yaml_input .overwrite_accessor .read_only .required_attribute .required_attribute? .required_attributes ::CURRENT_SPECIFICATION_VERSION ::MARSHAL_FIELDS ::NONEXISTENT_SPECIFICATION_VERSION ::SPECIFICATION_VERSION_HISTORY ::TODAY

class Gem::StreamUI

alert alert_error alert_warning ask ask_yes_no choose_from_list errs ins outs progress_reporter say terminate_interaction .new

class Gem::StreamUI::SilentProgressReporter

count done updated .new

class Gem::StreamUI::SimpleProgressReporter

count done updated .new

class Gem::StreamUI::VerboseProgressReporter

count done updated .new

class Gem::SystemExitException

class Gem::Uninstaller

ask_if_ok bin_dir dependencies_ok? gem_home path_ok? remove remove_all remove_executables spec uninstall uninstall_gem .new

module Gem::UserInteraction

alert alert_error alert_warning ask ask_yes_no choose_from_list say terminate_interaction

class Gem::Validator

alien remove_leading_dot_dir unit_test verify_gem verify_gem_file ::ErrorData

class Gem::VerificationError

class Gem::Version

<=> bump eql? marshal_dump marshal_load prerelease? release to_s .correct? .create .new ::Requirement

class Gem::Version::Requirement

module Gem::VersionOption

add_platform_option add_version_option

class GetoptLong

each error error_message get ordering ordering= quiet quiet= set_error set_options terminate terminated? .new ::ARGUMENT_FLAGS ::NO_ARGUMENT ::OPTIONAL_ARGUMENT ::ORDERINGS ::PERMUTE ::REQUIRED_ARGUMENT ::REQUIRE_ORDER ::RETURN_IN_ORDER ::STATUS_STARTED ::STATUS_TERMINATED ::STATUS_YET

class GetoptLong::AmbiguousOption

class GetoptLong::Error

class GetoptLong::InvalidOption

class GetoptLong::MissingArgument

class GetoptLong::NeedlessArgument

class HTTPSession

class Hash

< <= == > >= [] []= assoc clear clone compact compare_by_identity compare_by_identity? default default= default_proc default_proc= delete delete_if dig each each_key each_value empty? equal? fetch fetch_values flatten has_key? has_value? hash index inspect invert keep_if keys length merge merge! rassoc rehash reject replace select shift to_a to_h to_hash to_proc transform_values transform_values! values values_at .[] .new .try_convert

class IO

<< advise autoclose= autoclose? binmode binmode? bytes chars clone close close_on_exec= close_on_exec? close_read close_write closed? codepoints cooked cooked! each each_byte each_char each_codepoint echo= echo? eof expect external_encoding fcntl fdatasync fileno flush fsync getbyte getc getch gets iflush internal_encoding ioctl ioflush isatty lineno lineno= lines noecho nonblock nonblock= nonblock? nread oflush pathconf pid pos pos= print printf putc puts raw raw! read read_nonblock readbyte readchar readline readlines readpartial ready? reopen rewind scanf seek set_encoding stat sync sync= sysread sysseek syswrite to_io ungetbyte ungetc wait wait_writable winsize winsize= write write_nonblock .binread .binwrite .console .console_size .copy_stream .default_console_size .for_fd .foreach .pipe .popen .read .readlines .select .sysopen .try_convert .write ::SEEK_CUR ::SEEK_DATA ::SEEK_END ::SEEK_HOLE ::SEEK_SET

module IO::WaitReadable

module IO::WaitWritable

class IOError

class IPAddr

& << <=> == === >> eql? family hash hton inspect ip6_arpa ip6_int ipv4? ipv4_compat ipv4_compat? ipv4_mapped ipv4_mapped? ipv6? mask mask! native reverse set succ to_i to_range to_s to_string | ~ .new .new_ntoh .ntop ::IN4MASK ::IN6FORMAT ::IN6MASK

class IPSocket

addr peeraddr recvfrom .getaddress .getaddress

module IRB

.CurrentContext .Inspector .conf .irb_abort .irb_at_exit .irb_exit .print_usage .start .version ::STDIN_FILE_NAME

class IRB::Abort

module IRB::Completor

class IRB::Context

__inspect__ __to_s__ ap_name ap_name= auto_indent_mode auto_indent_mode= back_trace_limit back_trace_limit= debug? debug_level debug_level= echo echo= eval_history eval_history= evaluate exit file_input? history_file history_file= ignore_eof ignore_eof= ignore_sigint ignore_sigint= init_save_history inspect inspect? inspect? inspect_mode inspect_mode= io io= irb irb= irb_name irb_name= irb_path irb_path= last_value load_modules main math? math_mode= prompt_c prompt_c= prompt_i prompt_i= prompt_mode prompt_mode= prompt_n prompt_n= prompt_s prompt_s= prompting? rc return_format return_format= save_history save_history= set_last_value thread use_loader use_loader= use_readline use_tracer use_tracer= verbose verbose= verbose? workspace workspace= .new ::IDNAME_IVARS ::NOPRINTING_IVARS ::NO_INSPECTING_IVARS

module IRB::ContextExtender

.def_extend_command .install_extend_commands

class IRB::ExtendCommand::ChangeWorkspace


class IRB::ExtendCommand::CurrentWorkingWorkspace


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Foreground


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Help


class IRB::ExtendCommand::IrbCommand


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Jobs


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Kill


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Load


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Nop

execute irb_context .execute .new

class IRB::ExtendCommand::PopWorkspace


class IRB::ExtendCommand::PushWorkspace


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Require


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Source


class IRB::ExtendCommand::Workspaces


module IRB::ExtendCommandBundle

install_alias_method irb_context irb_exit irb_load irb_require .def_extend_command .extend_object .install_extend_commands .irb_original_method_name ::NO_OVERRIDE ::OVERRIDE_ALL ::OVERRIDE_PRIVATE_ONLY

class IRB::FileInputMethod

encoding gets .new

class IRB::Frame

bottom top trace_func .bottom .sender .top

module IRB::HistorySavingAbility

load_history save_history .extended

class IRB::InputMethod

file_name gets readable_atfer_eof? .new

class IRB::Inspector

init inspect_value .def_inspector .keys_with_inspector

object IRB::Inspector::INSPECTORS

class IRB::Irb

module IRB::IrbLoader

class IRB::LoadAbort

object IRB::MagicFile


class IRB::OutputMethod

pp ppx print printn puts

class IRB::ReadlineInputMethod

encoding eof? gets line readable_atfer_eof? .new

class IRB::StdioInputMethod

encoding eof? gets line readable_atfer_eof? .new

class IRB::StdioOutputMethod


class IRB::WorkSpace

class IndexError

class Integer

% & * ** + - -@ / / < << <= <=> == > >= >> [] ^ abs bit_length ceil chr denominator digits div divmod downto even? fdiv floor gcd gcdlcm inspect integer? lcm next numerator odd? ord pred prime? prime_division rationalize remainder round size times to_bn to_d to_f to_i to_r truncate upto | ~ .each_prime .from_prime_division

class Interrupt

module JSON

.#dump .#fast_generate .#generate .#load .#parse .#parse! .#pretty_generate .[] .create_id .create_id= .generator .parser .state ::Infinity ::JSON_LOADED ::MinusInfinity ::NaN ::VARIANT_BINARY ::VERSION

class JSON::CircularDatastructure

module JSON::Editor

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Array

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::FalseClass

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Float

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Hash

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Integer

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::NilClass

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Object

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::String

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::String::Extend

module JSON::Ext::Generator::GeneratorMethods::TrueClass

class JSON::Ext::Generator::State

class JSON::Ext::Parser

module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Array


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::FalseClass


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Float


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Hash


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Integer


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::NilClass


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::Object


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::String

to_json to_json_raw to_json_raw_object

module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::String::Extend


module JSON::Generator::GeneratorMethods::TrueClass


class JSON::GeneratorError

class JSON::JSONError

class JSON::MissingUnicodeSupport

class JSON::NestingError

class JSON::Parser

parse source .new

class JSON::ParserError

class JSON::State

[] []= allow_nan? array_nl array_nl= ascii_only? buffer_initial_length buffer_initial_length= check_circular? configure depth depth= generate indent indent= max_nesting max_nesting= object_nl object_nl= quirks_mode quirks_mode= space space= space_before space_before= to_h .from_state .new

class JSON::UnparserError

module Jacobian

.#dfdxi .#isEqual .#jacobian

module Kconv

.#guess .#iseuc .#isjis .#issjis .#isutf8 .#kconv .#toeuc .#tojis .#tolocale .#tosjis .#toutf16 .#toutf32 .#toutf8 ::ASCII ::AUTO ::BINARY ::EUC ::JIS ::NOCONV ::SJIS ::UNKNOWN ::UTF16 ::UTF32 ::UTF8

module Kernel

$! $" $$ $& $' $* $+ $, $-0 $-F $-I $-K $-W $-a $-d $-i $-l $-p $-v $. $0 $1 $< $= $> $? $@ $ARGV $CFLAGS $CHILD_STATUS $DEFAULT_INPUT $DEFAULT_OUTPUT $ERROR_INFO $ERROR_POSITION $FIELD_SEPARATOR $FILENAME $IGNORECASE $INPUT_LINE_NUMBER $INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR $LAST_MATCH_INFO $LAST_PAREN_MATCH $LAST_READ_LINE $LDFLAGS $MATCH $OFS $ORS $PID $POSTMATCH $PREMATCH $SAFE $\ $_ $` $archdir $defs $hdrdir $libdir $libs $sitearchdir $sitelibdir $srcdir $stderr $stdin $topdir $~ DelegateClass Digest JSON Pathname arg_config cc_command check_signedness check_sizeof chmod convertible_int cp cpp_command create_header create_makefile create_tmpsrc depend_rules desc dir_config directory dummy_makefile egrep_cpp enable_config file file_create find_executable find_header find_library find_type gem have_devel? have_framework have_func have_header have_library have_macro have_struct_member have_type have_var help httpd import install install_files install_rb j jj libpathflag link_command ln log_src merge_libs message mkdir mkmf modified? multitask mv namespace psych_y require rm rm_f rm_rf rmdir rule scanf task time timeout touch try_compile try_constant try_cpp try_do try_func try_link try_run try_static_assert try_type try_var wait_writable with_config with_werror xmp xpopen xsystem .#Array .#BigDecimal .#Complex .#Float .#Hash .#Integer .#Rational .#String .#URI .#__callee__ .#__dir__ .#__method__ .#` .#abort .#at_exit .#autoload .#autoload? .#binding .#block_given? .#callcc .#caller .#caller_locations .#catch .#chomp .#chop .#eval .#exec .#exit .#exit! .#fail .#fork .#format .#gets .#global_variables .#gsub .#lambda .#load .#local_variables .#loop .#open .#open .#p .#pp .#print .#printf .#putc .#puts .#rand .#readline .#readlines .#require .#require_relative .#select .#set_trace_func .#sleep .#spawn .#srand .#sub .#syscall .#system .#test .#throw .#trace_var .#trap .#untrace_var .#warn ::CONFIG

class KeyError

module LUSolve

.#ludecomp .#lusolve

class LoadError


class LocalJumpError

exit_value reason

class Logger

<< add close datetime_format datetime_format= debug debug? error error? fatal fatal? formatter formatter= info info? level level= progname progname= unknown warn warn? .new ::ProgName ::SEV_LABEL ::VERSION

class Logger::Error

class Logger::Formatter

call datetime_format datetime_format= ::Format

class Logger::LogDevice

close dev filename write .new

module Logger::Severity


class Logger::ShiftingError

module Marshal

.#dump .#load ::MAJOR_VERSION

class MatchData

== [] begin captures end hash inspect length named_captures names offset post_match pre_match regexp string to_a to_s values_at

module Math

.#acos .#acosh .#asin .#asinh .#atan .#atan2 .#atanh .#cbrt .#cos .#cosh .#erf .#erfc .#exp .#frexp .#gamma .#hypot .#ldexp .#lgamma .#log .#log10 .#log2 .#rsqrt .#sin .#sinh .#sqrt .#sqrt .#tan .#tanh ::E ::PI

class Math::DomainError

class Matrix

* ** + +@ - -@ / == [] adjugate clone coerce cofactor cofactor_expansion collect column column_count column_vectors conj det det_e diagonal? each each_with_index eigen elements_to_f elements_to_i elements_to_r empty? find_index first_minor hash hermitian? hstack imag inspect inv lower_triangular? lup minor normal? orthogonal? permutation? rank rank_e real real? rect regular? round row row_count row_vectors singular? square? symmetric? t to_a to_s tr unitary? upper_triangular? vstack zero? .I .[] .build .column_vector .columns .diagonal .empty .hstack .row_vector .rows .scalar .vstack .zero

class Matrix::EigenvalueDecomposition

d eigenvalues eigenvector_matrix eigenvector_matrix_inv eigenvectors to_a

class Matrix::LUPDecomposition

det l p pivots singular? solve to_a u

class Method

== [] arity clone curry hash inspect name original_name owner parameters receiver source_location super_method to_proc unbind

class Module

< <= <=> === > >= alias_method ancestors append_features attr attr_accessor attr_reader attr_writer autoload autoload? class_eval class_exec class_variable_defined? class_variable_get class_variable_set class_variables const_defined? const_get const_missing const_set constants define_method deprecate_constant extend_object extended freeze include include? included included_modules inspect instance_method instance_methods method_added method_defined? method_removed method_undefined module_function prepend prepend_features prepended private private_class_method private_constant private_instance_methods private_method_defined? protected protected_instance_methods protected_method_defined? psych_yaml_as public public_class_method public_constant public_instance_method public_instance_methods public_method_defined? rake_extension refine remove_class_variable remove_const remove_method singleton_class? undef_method using .constants .nesting .new .used_modules

class Monitor

enter exit try_enter .new

module MonitorMixin

mon_enter mon_exit mon_synchronize mon_try_enter new_cond

class MonitorMixin::ConditionVariable

broadcast signal wait wait_until wait_while

class Mutex

module Mutex_m

lock locked? mu_extended mu_synchronize mu_try_lock mu_unlock .append_features .define_aliases .extend_object

module NKF


class NameError

local_variables name receiver to_s .new

class Net::APOP

class Net::APOPSession

class Net::FTP

abort acct binary binary= chdir close closed? connect debug_mode debug_mode= delete dir get getbinaryfile getdir gettextfile help last_response last_response_code login mdtm mkdir mlsd mlst mtime nlst noop open_timeout open_timeout= passive passive= put putbinaryfile puttextfile quit read_timeout read_timeout= rename resume resume= retrbinary retrlines return_code return_code= rmdir sendcmd set_socket site size status storbinary storlines system voidcmd welcome .default_passive .default_passive= .new .open ::DEFAULT_BLOCKSIZE ::FTP_PORT

class Net::FTP::MLSxEntry

appendable? charset creatable? create deletable? directory? directory_makable? enterable? facts file? lang listable? media_type modify pathname perm purgeable? readable? renamable? size type unique writable?

class Net::FTPConnectionError

class Net::FTPError

class Net::FTPPermError

class Net::FTPProtoError

class Net::FTPReplyError

class Net::FTPTempError

class Net::HTTP

active? address ca_file ca_file= ca_path ca_path= cert cert= cert_store cert_store= ciphers ciphers= close_on_empty_response close_on_empty_response= continue_timeout continue_timeout= copy delete finish get get2 head head2 keep_alive_timeout keep_alive_timeout= key key= local_host local_host= local_port local_port= lock mkcol move open_timeout open_timeout= options patch peer_cert port post post2 propfind proppatch proxy? proxy_address proxy_address= proxy_from_env= proxy_from_env? proxy_pass proxy_pass= proxy_port proxy_port= proxy_uri proxy_user proxy_user= put put2 read_timeout read_timeout= request send_request set_debug_output ssl_timeout ssl_timeout= ssl_version ssl_version= start trace unlock use_ssl= use_ssl? verify_callback verify_callback= verify_depth verify_depth= verify_mode verify_mode= .Proxy .default_port .get .get_print .get_response .https_default_port .is_version_1_1? .is_version_1_2? .new .post_form .proxy_address .proxy_class? .proxy_pass .proxy_port .proxy_user .start .version_1_2

class Net::HTTP::Copy

class Net::HTTP::Delete

class Net::HTTP::Get

class Net::HTTP::Head

class Net::HTTP::Lock

class Net::HTTP::Mkcol

class Net::HTTP::Move

class Net::HTTP::Options

class Net::HTTP::Patch

class Net::HTTP::Post

class Net::HTTP::Propfind

class Net::HTTP::Proppatch

class Net::HTTP::Put

class Net::HTTP::Trace

class Net::HTTP::Unlock

class Net::HTTPAccepted

class Net::HTTPBadGateway

class Net::HTTPBadRequest

class Net::HTTPBadResponse

class Net::HTTPClientError

class Net::HTTPConflict

class Net::HTTPContinue

class Net::HTTPCreated

class Net::HTTPError

module Net::HTTPExceptions


class Net::HTTPExpectationFailed

class Net::HTTPFailedDependency

class Net::HTTPFatalError

class Net::HTTPForbidden

class Net::HTTPFound

class Net::HTTPGatewayTimeOut

class Net::HTTPGenericRequest

body body= body_exist? body_stream method path request_body_permitted? response_body_permitted?

class Net::HTTPGone

module Net::HTTPHeader

[] []= add_field basic_auth canonical_each chunked? content_length content_length= content_range content_type content_type= delete each each_capitalized_name each_key each_value fetch form_data= get_fields key? length main_type method proxy_basic_auth range range= range_length sub_type type_params

class Net::HTTPHeaderSyntaxError

class Net::HTTPIMUsed

class Net::HTTPInformation

class Net::HTTPInsufficientStorage

class Net::HTTPInternalServerError

class Net::HTTPLengthRequired

class Net::HTTPLocked

class Net::HTTPMethodNotAllowed

class Net::HTTPMovedPermanently

class Net::HTTPMovedTemporarily

class Net::HTTPMultiStatus

class Net::HTTPMultipleChoice

class Net::HTTPMultipleChoices

class Net::HTTPNetworkAuthenticationRequired

class Net::HTTPNoContent

class Net::HTTPNonAuthoritativeInformation

class Net::HTTPNotAcceptable

class Net::HTTPNotFound

class Net::HTTPNotImplemented

class Net::HTTPNotModified

class Net::HTTPOK

class Net::HTTPPartialContent

class Net::HTTPPaymentRequired

class Net::HTTPPermanentRedirect

class Net::HTTPPreconditionFailed

class Net::HTTPPreconditionRequired

class Net::HTTPProxyAuthenticationRequired

class Net::HTTPRedirection

class Net::HTTPRequest


class Net::HTTPRequestEntityTooLarge

class Net::HTTPRequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge

class Net::HTTPRequestTimeOut

class Net::HTTPRequestURITooLarge

class Net::HTTPRequestURITooLong

class Net::HTTPRequestedRangeNotSatisfiable

class Net::HTTPResetContent

class Net::HTTPResponse

body code header http_version message read_body value .body_permitted?

class Net::HTTPRetriableError

class Net::HTTPSeeOther

class Net::HTTPServerError

class Net::HTTPServerException

class Net::HTTPServiceUnavailable

class Net::HTTPSuccess

class Net::HTTPSwitchProtocol

class Net::HTTPTemporaryRedirect

class Net::HTTPTooManyRequests

class Net::HTTPUnauthorized

class Net::HTTPUnavailableForLegalReasons

class Net::HTTPUnknownResponse

class Net::HTTPUnprocessableEntity

class Net::HTTPUnsupportedMediaType

class Net::HTTPUpgradeRequired

class Net::HTTPUseProxy

class Net::HTTPVersionNotSupported

class Net::IMAP

add_response_handler append authenticate capability check client_thread client_thread= close copy create delete disconnect disconnected? examine expunge fetch getacl getquota getquotaroot greeting idle idle_done list login logout lsub move noop remove_response_handler rename response_handlers responses search select setacl setquota sort starttls status store subscribe thread uid_copy uid_fetch uid_move uid_search uid_store uid_thread unsubscribe xlist .add_authenticator .debug .debug= .decode_utf7 .default_imap_port .default_imaps_port .encode_utf7 .format_date .format_datetime .max_flag_count .max_flag_count= .new ::ANSWERED ::DELETED ::DRAFT ::FLAGGED ::MARKED ::NOINFERIORS ::NOSELECT ::RECENT ::SEEN ::UNMARKED

class Net::IMAP::Address

host mailbox name route

class Net::IMAP::BadResponseError

class Net::IMAP::BodyTypeBasic

content_id description disposition encoding extension language md5 media_subtype media_type multipart? param size

class Net::IMAP::BodyTypeMessage

body content_id description disposition encoding envelope extension language lines md5 media_subtype media_type multipart? param size

class Net::IMAP::BodyTypeMultipart

disposition extension language media_subtype media_type multipart? param parts

class Net::IMAP::BodyTypeText

content_id description disposition encoding extension language lines md5 media_subtype media_type multipart? param size

class Net::IMAP::ByeResponseError

class Net::IMAP::ContentDisposition

dsp_type param

class Net::IMAP::ContinuationRequest

data raw_data

class Net::IMAP::DataFormatError

class Net::IMAP::Envelope

bcc cc date from in_reply_to message_id reply_to sender subject to

class Net::IMAP::Error

class Net::IMAP::FetchData

attr seqno

class Net::IMAP::FlagCountError

class Net::IMAP::MailboxACLItem

rights user

class Net::IMAP::MailboxList

attr delim name

class Net::IMAP::MailboxQuota

mailbox quota usage

class Net::IMAP::MailboxQuotaRoot

mailbox quotaroots

class Net::IMAP::NoResponseError

class Net::IMAP::ResponseCode

data name

class Net::IMAP::ResponseError

response response=

class Net::IMAP::ResponseParseError

class Net::IMAP::ResponseText

code text

class Net::IMAP::StatusData

attr mailbox

class Net::IMAP::TaggedResponse

data name raw_data tag

class Net::IMAP::ThreadMember

children seqno

class Net::IMAP::UntaggedResponse

data name raw_data

class Net::OpenTimeout

class Net::POP

class Net::POP3

active? address apop? auth_only delete_all disable_ssl each enable_ssl finish mails n_bytes n_mails open_timeout open_timeout= port read_timeout read_timeout= reset set_debug_output start use_ssl? .APOP .auth_only .certs .default_pop3_port .default_pop3s_port .delete_all .disable_ssl .enable_ssl .foreach .new .socket_type .ssl_params .start .use_ssl? .verify ::Revision

class Net::POPAuthenticationError

class Net::POPBadResponse

class Net::POPError

class Net::POPMail

all delete deleted? header length number top uidl

class Net::POPSession

class Net::ProtoAuthError

class Net::ProtoCommandError

class Net::ProtoFatalError

class Net::ProtoRetriableError

class Net::ProtoServerError

class Net::ProtoSyntaxError

class Net::ProtoUnknownError

class Net::ProtocRetryError

class Net::ProtocolError

class Net::ReadTimeout

class Net::SMTP

address auth_cram_md5 auth_login auth_plain authenticate capable_auth_types capable_cram_md5_auth? capable_login_auth? capable_plain_auth? capable_starttls? data debug_output= disable_ssl disable_starttls ehlo enable_ssl enable_starttls enable_starttls_auto esmtp esmtp= finish helo inspect mailfrom open_message_stream open_timeout open_timeout= port quit rcptto rcptto_list read_timeout read_timeout= rset send_mail ssl? start started? starttls starttls? starttls_always? starttls_auto? .default_port .default_ssl_context .default_ssl_port .default_submission_port .new .start ::DEFAULT_AUTH_TYPE ::Revision

class Net::SMTP::Response

class Net::SMTPAuthenticationError

module Net::SMTPError

class Net::SMTPFatalError

class Net::SMTPServerBusy

class Net::SMTPSession

class Net::SMTPSyntaxError

class Net::SMTPUnknownError

class Net::SMTPUnsupportedCommand

module Newton

.#nlsolve .#norm

class NilClass

& ^ nil? rationalize to_a to_c to_f to_h to_i to_r to_s |

class NoMemoryError

class NoMethodError

args private_call? .new

class NotImplementedError

class Numeric

% +@ -@ <=> abs abs2 angle ceil coerce conj denominator div divmod eql? fdiv finite? floor i imag infinite? integer? negative? nonzero? numerator polar positive? quo real real? rect remainder round step to_c to_int truncate zero?

class Object

!~ <=> == === =~ _dump class clone define_singleton_method display enum_for eql? equal? extend freeze frozen? hash initialize initialize_copy inspect instance_of? instance_variable_defined? instance_variable_get instance_variable_set instance_variables is_a? itself marshal_dump marshal_load method methods nil? object_id pretty_inspect pretty_print pretty_print_cycle pretty_print_inspect pretty_print_instance_variables private_methods protected_methods psych_to_yaml public_method public_methods public_send remove_instance_variable respond_to? respond_to_missing? send singleton_class singleton_method singleton_methods taint tainted? tap to_a to_ary to_hash to_int to_io to_proc to_regexp to_s to_str trust untaint untrust untrusted? .new .yaml_tag ::ARGF ::ARGV ::ARGV ::DATA ::ENV ::FALSE ::NIL ::RUBY_COPYRIGHT ::RUBY_DESCRIPTION ::RUBY_ENGINE ::RUBY_ENGINE_VERSION ::RUBY_PATCHLEVEL ::RUBY_PLATFORM ::RUBY_RELEASE_DATE ::RUBY_REVISION ::RUBY_VERSION ::SCRIPT_LINES__ ::STDERR ::STDIN ::STDOUT ::TOPLEVEL_BINDING ::TRUE

module ObjectSpace

.#_id2ref .#allocation_sourcefile .#allocation_sourceline .#count_nodes .#count_objects .#count_objects_size .#count_tdata_objects .#define_finalizer .#each_object .#garbage_collect .#memsize_of .#memsize_of_all .#reachable_objects_from .#trace_object_allocations .#trace_object_allocations_start .#trace_object_allocations_stop .#undefine_finalizer

class ObjectSpace::WeakMap

[] []=

module Observable

add_observer changed changed? count_observers delete_observer delete_observers notify_observers

module Open3

.#capture2 .#capture2e .#capture3 .#pipeline .#pipeline_r .#pipeline_rw .#pipeline_start .#pipeline_w .#popen2 .#popen2e .#popen3

module OpenSSL


module OpenSSL::ASN1

.#BMPString .#BitString .#Boolean .#Enumerated .#GeneralString .#GeneralizedTime .#GraphicString .#IA5String .#ISO64String .#Integer .#Null .#NumericString .#ObjectId .#OctetString .#PrintableString .#Sequence .#Set .#T61String .#UTCTime .#UTF8String .#UniversalString .#VideotexString .#decode .#decode_all .#traverse ::BIT_STRING ::BMPSTRING ::BOOLEAN ::CHARACTER_STRING ::EMBEDDED_PDV ::ENUMERATED ::EOC ::EXTERNAL ::GENERALIZEDTIME ::GENERALSTRING ::GRAPHICSTRING ::IA5STRING ::INTEGER ::ISO64STRING ::NULL ::NUMERICSTRING ::OBJECT ::OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR ::OCTET_STRING ::PRINTABLESTRING ::REAL ::RELATIVE_OID ::SEQUENCE ::SET ::T61STRING ::UNIVERSALSTRING ::UNIVERSAL_TAG_NAME ::UTCTIME ::UTF8STRING ::VIDEOTEXSTRING

class OpenSSL::ASN1::ASN1Data

tag tag= tag_class tag_class= to_der value value= .new

class OpenSSL::ASN1::ASN1Error

class OpenSSL::ASN1::BMPString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::BitString

.new .unused_bits .unused_bits=

class OpenSSL::ASN1::Boolean


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Constructive

each tagging tagging=

class OpenSSL::ASN1::Enumerated


class OpenSSL::ASN1::GeneralString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::GeneralizedTime


class OpenSSL::ASN1::GraphicString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::IA5String


class OpenSSL::ASN1::ISO64String


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Integer


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Null


class OpenSSL::ASN1::NumericString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::ObjectId

ln oid short_name .new .register

class OpenSSL::ASN1::OctetString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Primitive

tagging tagging=

class OpenSSL::ASN1::PrintableString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Sequence


class OpenSSL::ASN1::Set


class OpenSSL::ASN1::T61String


class OpenSSL::ASN1::UTCTime


class OpenSSL::ASN1::UTF8String


class OpenSSL::ASN1::UniversalString


class OpenSSL::ASN1::VideotexString


class OpenSSL::BN

% * ** + - / << <=> == >> bit_set? clear_bit! coerce copy gcd lshift! mask_bits! mod_add mod_exp mod_inverse mod_mul mod_sqr mod_sub num_bits num_bytes odd? one? pretty_print prime? prime_fasttest? rshift! set_bit! sqr to_bn to_i to_s ucmp zero? .generate_prime .new .pseudo_rand .pseudo_rand_range .rand .rand_range

class OpenSSL::BNError

module OpenSSL::Buffering

<< close each each_byte eof flush getc gets print printf puts read read_nonblock readchar readline readlines readpartial sync sync= ungetc write write_nonblock ::BLOCK_SIZE

class OpenSSL::Cipher

block_size decrypt encrypt final iv= iv_len key= key_len key_len= name padding= pkcs5_keyivgen random_iv random_key reset update .ciphers .new

class OpenSSL::Cipher::AES


class OpenSSL::Cipher::AES128


class OpenSSL::Cipher::AES192


class OpenSSL::Cipher::AES256


class OpenSSL::Cipher::BF


class OpenSSL::Cipher::CAST5


class OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher

class OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError

class OpenSSL::Cipher::DES


class OpenSSL::Cipher::IDEA


class OpenSSL::Cipher::RC2


class OpenSSL::Cipher::RC4


class OpenSSL::Cipher::RC5


class OpenSSL::Config

[] []= add_value each get_value sections to_s value .load .parse ::DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE

class OpenSSL::ConfigError

class OpenSSL::Digest

<< block_length digest_length name reset .digest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::DSS

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::DSS1

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::Digest


class OpenSSL::Digest::DigestError

class OpenSSL::Digest::MD2

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::MD4

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::MD5

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::MDC2

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::RIPEMD160

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA1

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA224

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA256

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA384

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Digest::SHA512

.digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::Engine

cipher cmds ctrl_cmd digest finish id load_private_key load_public_key name set_default .by_id .cleanup .engines .load ::METHOD_ALL ::METHOD_CIPHERS ::METHOD_DH ::METHOD_DIGESTS ::METHOD_DSA ::METHOD_NONE ::METHOD_RAND ::METHOD_RSA

class OpenSSL::Engine::EngineError

class OpenSSL::HMAC

<< digest hexdigest reset .digest .hexdigest .new

class OpenSSL::HMACError

class OpenSSL::Netscape::SPKI

challenge challenge= public_key public_key= sign to_der to_pem to_text verify .new

class OpenSSL::Netscape::SPKIError

module OpenSSL::OCSP


class OpenSSL::OCSP::BasicResponse

add_nonce add_status copy_nonce sign status verify .new

class OpenSSL::OCSP::CertificateId

cmp cmp_issuer serial .new

class OpenSSL::OCSP::OCSPError

class OpenSSL::OCSP::Request

add_certid add_nonce certid check_nonce sign to_der verify .new

class OpenSSL::OCSP::Response

basic status status_string to_der .create .new

class OpenSSL::OpenSSLError

class OpenSSL::PKCS12

ca_certs certificate key to_der .create .new

class OpenSSL::PKCS12::PKCS12Error

module OpenSSL::PKCS5

.#pbkdf2_hmac .#pbkdf2_hmac_sha1

class OpenSSL::PKCS5::PKCS5Error

class OpenSSL::PKCS7

add_certificate add_crl add_data add_recipient add_signer certificates certificates= cipher= crls crls= data decrypt detached detached= error_string error_string= recipients signers to_der to_pem type type= verify .encrypt .new .read_smime .sign .write_smime ::BINARY ::DETACHED ::NOATTR ::NOCERTS ::NOCHAIN ::NOINTERN ::NOSIGS ::NOSMIMECAP ::NOVERIFY ::TEXT

class OpenSSL::PKCS7::PKCS7

class OpenSSL::PKCS7::PKCS7Error

class OpenSSL::PKCS7::RecipientInfo

enc_key issuer serial .new

class OpenSSL::PKCS7::Signer

class OpenSSL::PKCS7::SignerInfo

issuer serial signed_time .new

module OpenSSL::PKey

class OpenSSL::PKey::DH

compute_key export g g= generate_key! p p= params params_ok? priv_key priv_key= pub_key pub_key= to_der to_text .generate .new

class OpenSSL::PKey::DHError

class OpenSSL::PKey::DSA

export g g= p p= params priv_key priv_key= private? pub_key pub_key= public? public_key q q= syssign sysverify to_der to_text .generate .new

class OpenSSL::PKey::DSAError

class OpenSSL::PKey::EC

check_key dh_compute_key dsa_sign_asn1 dsa_verify_asn1 generate_key group group= private_key private_key= private_key? public_key public_key= public_key? to_der to_pem to_text .builtin_curves .new ::NAMED_CURVE

class OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Group

== asn1_flag asn1_flag= cofactor curve_name degree generator order point_conversion_form point_conversion_form= seed seed= set_generator to_der to_pem to_text .new

class OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Group::Error

class OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Point

== group infinity? invert! make_affine! on_curve? set_to_infinity! to_bn .new

class OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Point::Error

class OpenSSL::PKey::ECError

class OpenSSL::PKey::PKey

sign verify

class OpenSSL::PKey::PKeyError

class OpenSSL::PKey::RSA

d d= dmp1 dmp1= dmq1 dmq1= e e= export iqmp iqmp= n n= p p= params private? private_decrypt private_encrypt public? public_decrypt public_encrypt public_key q q= to_der to_text .generate .new ::NO_PADDING ::PKCS1_OAEP_PADDING ::PKCS1_PADDING ::SSLV23_PADDING

class OpenSSL::PKey::RSAError

module OpenSSL::Random

.#egd .#egd_bytes .#load_random_file .#pseudo_bytes .#random_add .#random_bytes .#seed .#status? .#write_random_file

class OpenSSL::Random::RandomError

module OpenSSL::SSL


class OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext

ca_file ca_file= ca_path ca_path= cert cert= cert_store cert_store= ciphers ciphers= client_ca client_ca= client_cert_cb client_cert_cb= extra_chain_cert extra_chain_cert= flush_sessions key key= options options= renegotiation_cb renegotiation_cb= servername_cb servername_cb= session_add session_cache_mode session_cache_mode= session_cache_size session_cache_size= session_cache_stats session_get_cb session_get_cb= session_id_context session_id_context= session_new_cb session_new_cb= session_remove session_remove_cb session_remove_cb= set_params ssl_timeout ssl_timeout= ssl_version= tmp_dh_callback tmp_dh_callback= verify_callback verify_callback= verify_depth verify_depth= verify_mode verify_mode= .new ::DEFAULT_CERT_STORE ::DEFAULT_PARAMS ::METHODS ::SESSION_CACHE_BOTH ::SESSION_CACHE_CLIENT ::SESSION_CACHE_NO_AUTO_CLEAR ::SESSION_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL ::SESSION_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL_LOOKUP ::SESSION_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL_STORE ::SESSION_CACHE_OFF ::SESSION_CACHE_SERVER

class OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError

class OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer

accept close listen shutdown start_immediately start_immediately= to_io .new

class OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket

accept accept_nonblock cert cipher connect connect_nonblock context hostname hostname= io peer_cert peer_cert_chain pending post_connection_check session session= session_reused? state sync_close sync_close= sysclose sysread syswrite verify_result .new

class OpenSSL::SSL::Session

== id time time= timeout timeout= to_der to_pem to_text .new

class OpenSSL::SSL::Session::SessionError

module OpenSSL::SSL::SocketForwarder

addr closed? do_not_reverse_lookup= fcntl getsockopt peeraddr setsockopt

module OpenSSL::X509


class OpenSSL::X509::Attribute

oid oid= to_der value value= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::AttributeError

class OpenSSL::X509::CRL

add_extension add_revoked extensions extensions= issuer issuer= last_update last_update= next_update next_update= revoked revoked= sign signature_algorithm to_der to_pem to_text verify version version= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::CRLError

class OpenSSL::X509::Certificate

add_extension check_private_key extensions extensions= issuer issuer= not_after not_after= not_before not_before= public_key public_key= serial serial= sign signature_algorithm subject subject= to_der to_pem to_text verify version version= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::CertificateError

class OpenSSL::X509::Extension

critical= critical? oid oid= to_a to_der to_h to_s value value= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::ExtensionError

class OpenSSL::X509::ExtensionFactory

config config= create_ext create_ext_from_array create_ext_from_hash create_ext_from_string create_extension crl crl= issuer_certificate issuer_certificate= subject_certificate subject_certificate= subject_request subject_request= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::Name

<=> add_entry hash_old to_a to_der to_s .new .parse .parse_rfc2253 ::COMPAT ::DEFAULT_OBJECT_TYPE ::MULTILINE ::OBJECT_TYPE_TEMPLATE ::ONELINE ::RFC2253

class OpenSSL::X509::NameError

class OpenSSL::X509::Request

add_attribute attributes attributes= public_key public_key= sign signature_algorithm subject subject= to_der to_pem to_text verify version version= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::RequestError

class OpenSSL::X509::Revoked

add_extension extensions extensions= serial serial= time time= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::RevokedError

class OpenSSL::X509::Store

add_cert add_crl add_file add_path chain error error_string flags= purpose= set_default_paths time= trust= verify verify_callback verify_callback= .new

class OpenSSL::X509::StoreContext

chain cleanup current_cert current_crl error error= error_depth error_string flags= purpose= time= trust= verify .new

class OpenSSL::X509::StoreError

class OpenStruct

== [] []= delete_field dig each_pair eql? hash inspect modifiable new_ostruct_member to_h to_json .json_create .new ::InspectKey

module OpenURI


class OpenURI::HTTPError

module OpenURI::Meta

base_uri charset content_encoding content_type last_modified meta status

module OpenURI::OpenRead

open read

class OptionParser

accept banner banner= default_argv default_argv= environment getopts help load on on_head on_tail order order! parse parse! permute permute! program_name program_name= reject release release= separator summarize summary_indent summary_indent= summary_width summary_width= to_a ver version version= .accept .getopts .new .reject

class OptionParser::AmbiguousArgument

class OptionParser::AmbiguousOption

module OptionParser::Arguable

getopts options options= order! parse! permute!

class OptionParser::InvalidArgument

class OptionParser::InvalidOption

class OptionParser::MissingArgument

class OptionParser::NeedlessArgument

class OptionParser::ParseError

args inspect message reason reason= recover set_backtrace set_option .filter_backtrace

class PP

comma_breakable object_group pp seplist .pp .sharing_detection .singleline_pp

class PStore

[] []= abort commit delete fetch in_transaction path root? roots transaction ultra_safe ultra_safe= .new ::EMPTY_MARSHAL_CHECKSUM ::EMPTY_MARSHAL_DATA ::EMPTY_STRING ::RDWR_ACCESS ::RD_ACCESS ::WR_ACCESS

class PStore::DummyMutex


class PStore::Error

module PTY

.#getpty .check .open

class PTY::ChildExited


class Pathname

+ <=> == absolute? ascend atime basename binread binwrite birthtime blockdev? chardev? children chmod chown cleanpath ctime delete descend directory? dirname each_child each_entry each_filename each_line empty? entries executable? executable_real? exist? expand_path extname file? find fnmatch fnmatch? ftype grpowned? hash join lchmod lchown lstat make_link make_symlink mkdir mkpath mountpoint? mtime open opendir owned? parent pipe? read readable? readable_real? readlines readlink realdirpath realpath relative? relative_path_from rename rmdir rmtree root? setgid? setuid? size size? socket? split stat sticky? sub sub_ext symlink? sysopen to_path to_s truncate utime world_readable? world_writable? writable? writable_real? write zero? .getwd .glob .new ::SEPARATOR_PAT ::TO_PATH

class PrettyPrint

breakable flush genspace group indent maxwidth nest newline output text .format .new .singleline_format

class Prime

each int_from_prime_division prime? prime_division .each .instance .int_from_prime_division .prime? .prime_division

class Prime::EratosthenesGenerator

next rewind

class Prime::Generator23

next rewind

class Prime::PseudoPrimeGenerator

each each_with_index next rewind upper_bound upper_bound= with_object .new

class Prime::TrialDivisionGenerator

next rewind

class Proc

=== arity binding curry hash inspect lambda? parameters source_location to_proc .new

module Process


module Process::GID

.#change_privilege .#eid .#eid= .#from_name .#re_exchange .#re_exchangeable? .#rid .#sid_available? .#switch

class Process::Status

& == >> coredump? exited? exitstatus inspect pid signaled? stopped? stopsig success? termsig to_i to_s

module Process::Sys

.#getegid .#geteuid .#getgid .#getuid .#issetugid .#setegid .#seteuid .#setgid .#setregid .#setresgid .#setresuid .#setreuid .#setrgid .#setruid .#setuid

class Process::Tms

cstime cstime= cutime cutime= stime stime= utime utime=

module Process::UID

.#change_privilege .#eid .#eid= .#from_name .#re_exchange .#re_exchangeable? .#rid .#sid_available? .#switch

module Profiler__

.#print_profile .#start_profile .#stop_profile ::PROFILE_PROC

module Psych

.dump .dump_stream .libyaml_version .load .load_documents .load_file .load_stream .parse .parse_file .parse_stream .parser .safe_load .to_json ::LIBYAML_VERSION ::VERSION

class Psych::BadAlias

class Psych::Emitter

canonical canonical= indentation indentation= line_width line_width= .new

class Psych::Exception

class Psych::Handler

alias empty end_document end_mapping end_sequence end_stream scalar start_document start_mapping start_sequence start_stream streaming?

module Psych::Nodes

class Psych::Nodes::Alias

anchor anchor= .new

class Psych::Nodes::Document

implicit implicit= implicit_end implicit_end= root tag_directives tag_directives= version version= .new

class Psych::Nodes::Mapping

anchor anchor= implicit implicit= style style= tag tag= .new ::ANY ::BLOCK ::FLOW

class Psych::Nodes::Node

children each tag to_ruby to_yaml

class Psych::Nodes::Scalar

anchor anchor= plain plain= quoted quoted= style style= tag tag= value value= .new ::ANY ::DOUBLE_QUOTED ::FOLDED ::LITERAL ::PLAIN ::SINGLE_QUOTED

class Psych::Nodes::Sequence

anchor anchor= implicit implicit= style style= tag tag= .new ::ANY ::BLOCK ::FLOW

class Psych::Nodes::Stream

encoding encoding= .new ::ANY ::UTF16BE ::UTF16LE ::UTF8

class Psych::Omap

class Psych::Parser

handler handler= mark parse .new ::ANY ::UTF16BE ::UTF16LE ::UTF8

class Psych::Parser::Mark

column index line

class Psych::ScalarScanner

parse_time tokenize .new

class Psych::Set

class Psych::Stream

finish start .new

class Psych::SyntaxError

column context file line offset problem

class Psych::TreeBuilder

root .new

class Psych::Visitors

class Psych::Visitors::Visitor

class Psych::Visitors::YAMLTree

<< finish finished start started tree .new

class Queue

module RDoc


class RDoc::Alias

class RDoc::AnonClass

class RDoc::AnyMethod

class RDoc::Attr

class RDoc::ClassModule

class RDoc::CodeObject

comment comment= document_children document_children= document_self document_self= documented? metadata parent parent= parent_file_name parent_name remove_classes_and_modules remove_methods_etc section section= start_doc stop_doc .new

class RDoc::Constant

class RDoc::Context

<=> add_alias add_attribute add_class add_class_or_module add_constant add_include add_method add_module add_require add_to aliases attributes classes constants current_section defined_in? each_attribute each_classmodule each_constant each_method find_enclosing_module_named find_local_symbol find_module_named find_symbol in_files includes initialize_classes_and_modules initialize_methods_etc method_list modules name ongoing_visibility= record_location requires sections set_current_section set_visibility_for toplevel unmatched_alias_lists unmatched_alias_lists= visibility .new ::TYPES ::VISIBILITIES

class RDoc::Context::Section

== comment inspect parent sequence set_comment title .new

class RDoc::Error

module RDoc::Generator

class RDoc::Generator::Darkfish

generate initialize ::GENERATOR_DIR ::VERSION

class RDoc::Generator::JsonIndex

generate .new ::SEARCH_INDEX_FILE

module RDoc::Generator::Markup

class RDoc::Generator::RI

generate initialize ::DESCRIPTION

class RDoc::GhostMethod

class RDoc::Include

class RDoc::Markdown

break_on_newline break_on_newline= css css= definition_lists definition_lists= extension extension? github github= html html= notes notes= parse .extension .new .parse ::DEFAULT_EXTENSIONS ::EXTENSIONS ::HTML_ENTITIES

class RDoc::Markup

add_html add_special add_word_pair attribute_manager content convert get_line_types .new ::LABEL_LIST_RE ::SIMPLE_LIST_RE ::SPACE

class RDoc::Markup::Formatter

add_tag convert .new

class RDoc::Markup::ToAnsi


class RDoc::Markup::ToBs


class RDoc::Markup::ToHtml


class RDoc::Markup::ToHtmlCrossref


class RDoc::Markup::ToRdoc


class RDoc::MetaMethod

class RDoc::NormalClass

class RDoc::NormalModule

class RDoc::Options

all_one_file charset coverage_report coverage_report= css diagram dry_run dry_run= encoding encoding= exclude exclude= extra_accessor_flags extra_accessors fileboxes files finish_page_dir force_output force_output= force_update formatter formatter= generator generator= hyperlink_all hyperlink_all= image_format include_line_numbers inline_source line_numbers line_numbers= main_page main_page= markup markup= merge op_dir op_dir= op_name option_parser option_parser= page_dir page_dir= parse pipe pipe= promiscuous quiet rdoc_include root root= sanitize_path show_all show_all= show_hash static_path static_path= tab_width template template_dir template_dir= title title= verbosity verbosity= visibility visibility= warn webcvs write_options ::DEPRECATED ::SPECIAL

class RDoc::Parser

parse_files_matching .alias_extension .can_parse .parser_for .parsers

class RDoc::Parser::C

progress= scan .new

class RDoc::Parser::ChangeLog


class RDoc::Parser::Markdown


class RDoc::Parser::RD


class RDoc::Parser::Ruby

scan .new ::NORMAL ::SINGLE

module RDoc::Parser::RubyTools

class RDoc::Parser::Simple

remove_private_comments scan .new

module RDoc::Parser::Text

class RDoc::RDoc

document .add_generator

class RDoc::Require

class RDoc::RubyLex

module RDoc::RubyToken

class RDoc::SingleClass

class RDoc::Stats

num_classes num_classes= num_files num_files= num_methods num_methods= num_modules num_modules= print .new

module RDoc::Text

expand_tabs flush_left markup normalize_comment parse strip_hashes strip_newlines strip_stars

module RDoc::TokenStream

class RDoc::TopLevel

add_class_or_module file_absolute_name file_absolute_name= file_relative_name file_relative_name= file_stat file_stat= find_local_symbol find_module_named full_name .all_classes_and_modules .find_class_named .new .reset

module REXML

class REXML::AttlistDecl

[] each element_name include? node_type write .new

class REXML::Attribute

== clone element element= namespace node_type normalized= prefix remove to_s to_string value write xpath .new

class REXML::Attributes

<< [] []= delete delete_all each each_attribute get_attribute get_attribute_ns length namespaces prefixes to_a .new

class REXML::CData

clone to_s .new

class REXML::Child

bytes document next_sibling next_sibling= parent parent= previous_sibling previous_sibling= remove replace_with .new

class REXML::Comment

<=> == clone node_type string string= .new

class REXML::Declaration

to_s write

class REXML::DocType

add attribute_of attributes_of clone context entities entity external_id name namespaces node_type notation notations public system write .new ::DEFAULT_ENTITIES

class REXML::Document

<< clone doctype encoding expanded_name node_type root stand_alone? version write xml_decl .entity_expansion_limit .entity_expansion_limit= .entity_expansion_text_limit .entity_expansion_text_limit= .new .parse_stream ::DECLARATION

class REXML::Element

add_attribute add_attributes add_element add_namespace attribute attributes cdatas clone comments context context= delete_attribute delete_element delete_namespace document each_element each_element_with_attribute each_element_with_text elements get_elements get_text has_attributes? has_elements? has_text? instructions namespace namespaces next_element node_type prefixes previous_element raw root root_node text text= texts whitespace write xpath .new ::UNDEFINED

class REXML::ElementDecl


class REXML::Elements

<< [] []= collect delete delete_all each empty? index inject size to_a .new

module REXML::Encoding

class REXML::Entity

external name ndata normalized pubid ref to_s unnormalized value write .matches? .new

module REXML::EntityConst


class REXML::ExternalEntity

to_s write .new

class REXML::Formatters::Default

write .new

class REXML::Formatters::Pretty

compact compact= width width= .new

class REXML::Formatters::Transitive


module REXML::Functions

class REXML::IOSource

class REXML::Instruction

== clone content content= node_type target target= .new

module REXML::Namespace

expanded_name fully_expanded_name has_name? local_name name= prefix prefix=

module REXML::Node

each_recursive find_first_recursive index_in_parent next_sibling_node parent? previous_sibling_node to_s

class REXML::NotationDecl

name public public= system system= to_s write .new

class REXML::Output

class REXML::Parent

<< [] []= children deep_clone delete delete_at delete_if each each_index index insert_after insert_before length parent? replace_child unshift .new

class REXML::ParseException

context line position to_s

class REXML::Parsers::BaseParser

class REXML::Parsers::PullEvent

[] attlistdecl? cdata? comment? doctype? elementdecl? end_element? entitydecl? event_type instruction? notationdecl? start_element? text? xmldecl?

class REXML::Parsers::PullParser

each empty? has_next? peek pull unshift .new

class REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser

deafen listen parse .new

class REXML::Parsers::StreamParser

parse .new

class REXML::Parsers::TreeParser

class REXML::Parsers::UltraLightParser

parse rewind .new

class REXML::Parsers::XPathParser

module REXML::SAX2Listener

attlistdecl cdata characters comment doctype elementdecl end_document end_element end_prefix_mapping entitydecl notationdecl processing_instruction progress start_document start_element start_prefix_mapping xmldecl

module REXML::Security

.entity_expansion_limit .entity_expansion_limit= .entity_expansion_text_limit .entity_expansion_text_limit=

class REXML::Source

class REXML::SourceFactory

module REXML::StreamListener

attlistdecl cdata comment doctype doctype_end elementdecl entity entitydecl instruction notationdecl tag_end tag_start text xmldecl

class REXML::Text

<=> clone doctype empty? node_type raw raw= to_s value value= .new .normalize .unnormalize

class REXML::UndefinedNamespaceException

class REXML::XMLDecl

== clone dowrite encoding encoding= node_type nowrite stand_alone? standalone= version version= writeencoding writethis xmldecl .default .new ::DEFAULT_VERSION

module REXML::XMLTokens

class REXML::XPath

.each .first .match

module RSS::BaseTrackBackModel

trackback_about trackback_abouts trackback_ping

module RSS::ContentModel


class RSS::ConversionError

module RSS::DublinCoreModel

class RSS::Element

full_name tag_name

class RSS::Error

module RSS::ImageFaviconModel


class RSS::ImageFaviconModel::ImageFavicon

about date image_size

module RSS::ImageItemModel


class RSS::ImageItemModel::ImageItem

about date height image_width resource

module RSS::ImageModelUtils

class RSS::InvalidRSSError

module RSS::Maker


class RSS::Maker::Base

class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase

about categories cloud copyright date description docs generator language lastBuildDate link managingEditor pubDate pubDate= rating skipDays skipHours title ttl webMaster

class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::CategoriesBase


class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::CategoriesBase::CategoryBase

content domain

class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::SkipDaysBase


class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::SkipDaysBase::DayBase


class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::SkipHoursBase


class RSS::Maker::ChannelBase::SkipHoursBase::HourBase


class RSS::Maker::ImageBase

description height title url width

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase

do_sort do_sort= max_size max_size= new_item

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase::ItemBase

author categories comments date description link pubDate pubDate= title

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase::ItemBase::CategoriesBase

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase::ItemBase::EnclosureBase

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase::ItemBase::GuidBase

class RSS::Maker::ItemsBase::ItemBase::SourceBase

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::Categories

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::Categories::Category

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::SkipDays

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::SkipDays::Day

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::SkipHours

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Channel::SkipHours::Hour

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Image

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items::Item

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items::Item::Categories

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items::Item::Enclosure

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items::Item::Guid

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Items::Item::Source

class RSS::Maker::RSS09::Textinput

class RSS::Maker::RSS10

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Channel

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Channel::Categories

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Channel::Categories::Category

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Image

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Items

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Items::Item

class RSS::Maker::RSS10::Textinput

class RSS::Maker::RSS20

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::Categories

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::Categories::Category

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::SkipDays

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::SkipDays::Day

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::SkipHours

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Channel::SkipHours::Hour

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Image

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items::Item

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items::Item::Categories


class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items::Item::Enclosure

length type url

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items::Item::Guid

content isPermaLink

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Items::Item::Source

content url

class RSS::Maker::RSS20::Textinput

class RSS::Maker::RSSBase

channel encoding encoding= image items rss_version standalone standalone= textinput version version= xml_stylesheets

class RSS::Maker::TextinputBase

description link name title

class RSS::Maker::XMLStyleSheets::XMLStyleSheet

alternate charset href media title type

class RSS::MissingAttributeError

class RSS::MissingTagError

class RSS::NSError

prefix tag uri

class RSS::NotAvailableValueError

class RSS::NotExpectedTagError

class RSS::NotSetError

class RSS::NotValidXMLParser

class RSS::NotWellFormedError

element line

class RSS::OverlappedPrefixError

class RSS::Parser

do_validate ignore_unknown_element parse rss .new .parse

class RSS::RDF

channel encoding image item items rss_version standalone textinput version

class RSS::RDF::Channel

about date description image items link textinput title

class RSS::RDF::Channel::Image


class RSS::RDF::Channel::ImageFavicon

about date image_size

class RSS::RDF::Channel::Items


class RSS::RDF::Channel::Textinput


class RSS::RDF::Image

about date link title url

class RSS::RDF::Item

about date description link title

class RSS::RDF::Textinput

about date description link name title

module RSS::RootElementMixin

output_encoding to_xml

class RSS::Rss

channel encoding image items rss_version standalone textinput version

class RSS::Rss::Channel

categories category copyright date description docs generator image item items language lastBuildDate link managingEditor rating skipDays skipHours textInput title ttl webMaster

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Cloud

domain path port protocol registerProcedure

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Image

description height link title url width

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Item

author categories category comments date description enclosure guid link pubDate source title

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Item::Category

content domain

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Item::Enclosure

length type url=

class RSS::Rss::Channel::Item::Guid


class RSS::Rss::Channel::Item::Source

content url

class RSS::Rss::Channel::TextInput

description link name title

class RSS::Rss::SkipDays


class RSS::Rss::SkipHours


module RSS::SyndicationModel

sy_updateBase sy_updateFrequency sy_updatePeriod

module RSS::TaxonomyTopicModel


class RSS::TaxonomyTopicModel::TaxonomyTopic

about date taxo_link

module RSS::TaxonomyTopicsModel


class RSS::TaxonomyTopicsModel::TaxonomyTopics


class RSS::TooMuchTagError

module RSS::TrackBackModel10

class RSS::TrackBackModel10::TrackBackAbout

resource value

class RSS::TrackBackModel10::TrackBackPing

resource value

module RSS::TrackBackModel20

class RSS::TrackBackModel20::TrackBackAbout

content value

class RSS::TrackBackModel20::TrackBackPing

content value

class RSS::UnknownConversionMethodError

class RSS::UnknownTagError

class RSS::XMLParserNotFound

class RSS::XMLStyleSheet

alternate charset href media title type

module RSS::XMLStyleSheetMixin


class Racc::ParseError

class Racc::Parser

do_parse next_token on_error token_to_str yyaccept yyerrok yyerror yyparse .racc_runtime_type

module Rake

.application .application= .original_dir ::EARLY ::EMPTY_TASK_ARGS

class Rake::Application

add_loader init load_rakefile name options original_dir rakefile run top_level top_level_tasks tty_output= ::DEFAULT_RAKEFILES

module Rake::Cloneable

clone dup

class Rake::DefaultLoader


class Rake::EarlyTime

<=> to_s

class Rake::FileCreationTask

needed? timestamp

class Rake::FileList

* == clear_exclude egrep exclude excluded_from_list? existing existing! ext gsub gsub! import include is_a? pathmap resolve sub sub! to_a to_s .[] .new ::ARRAY_METHODS ::DEFAULT_IGNORE_PATTERNS ::DEFAULT_IGNORE_PROCS ::DELEGATING_METHODS ::MUST_DEFINE ::MUST_NOT_DEFINE ::SPECIAL_RETURN

class Rake::FileTask

needed? timestamp .scope_name

class Rake::GemPackageTask

define gem_file gem_spec gem_spec= init .new

class Rake::InvocationChain

append member? to_s .append .new ::EMPTY

class Rake::InvocationChain::EmptyInvocationChain

append member? to_s

class Rake::MakefileLoader


class Rake::MultiTask

class Rake::NameSpace

[] tasks .new

class Rake::PackageTask

define init name name= need_tar need_tar= need_tar_bz2 need_tar_bz2= need_tar_gz need_tar_gz= need_zip need_zip= package_dir package_dir= package_dir_path package_files package_files= package_name tar_bz2_file tar_command tar_command= tar_gz_file tgz_file version version= zip_command zip_command= zip_file .new

class Rake::RDocTask

define external external= main main= name name= option_list option_string options options= quote rdoc_dir rdoc_dir= rdoc_files rdoc_files= template template= title title= .new

class Rake::RuleRecursionOverflowError

class Rake::Task

actions add_description application application= arg_description arg_names clear clear_actions clear_prerequisites comment comment= enhance execute full_comment inspect investigation invoke name needed? prerequisites reenable scope set_arg_names source sources sources= timestamp to_s .[] .clear .create_rule .define_task .new .scope_name .task_defined? .tasks

class Rake::TaskArgumentError

class Rake::TaskArguments

[] each inspect lookup names new_scope to_hash with_defaults .new

class Rake::TaskLib

module Rake::TaskManager

[] clear create_rule current_scope define_task enhance_with_matching_rule in_namespace intern last_comment last_description= lookup resolve_args synthesize_file_task tasks

class Rake::TestTask

define libs libs= loader loader= name name= options options= pattern pattern= ruby_opts ruby_opts= test_files= verbose verbose= warning warning= .new

module RakeFileUtils

nowrite verbose when_writing .nowrite_flag .nowrite_flag= .verbose_flag .verbose_flag=

class Random

== bytes left marshal_dump marshal_load rand seed state .left .new .new_seed .rand .raw_seed .srand .state ::DEFAULT

class Range

== === begin bsearch cover? each end eql? exclude_end? hash inspect max min size step to_json to_s .json_create .new

class RangeError

class Rational

* ** ** + - -@ / <=> == abs ceil coerce convert denominator fdiv floor hash inspect marshal_dump negative? numerator positive? rationalize round to_d to_f to_i to_json to_r to_s .json_create

module RbConfig


module Readline

.#readline .basic_quote_characters .basic_quote_characters= .basic_word_break_characters .basic_word_break_characters= .completer_quote_characters .completer_quote_characters= .completer_word_break_characters .completer_word_break_characters= .completion_append_character .completion_append_character= .completion_case_fold .completion_case_fold= .completion_proc .completion_proc= .emacs_editing_mode .filename_quote_characters .filename_quote_characters= .get_screen_size .input= .output= .set_screen_size .vi_editing_mode ::FILENAME_COMPLETION_PROC ::USERNAME_COMPLETION_PROC ::VERSION

object Readline::HISTORY

.<< .[] .[]= .clear .delete_at .each .empty? .length .pop .push .shift .to_s

class Regexp

== === =~ casefold? encoding fixed_encoding? hash inspect match match? named_captures names options source to_json to_s ~ .compile .escape .json_create .last_match .try_convert .union ::EXTENDED ::FIXEDENCODING ::IGNORECASE ::MULTILINE ::NOENCODING

class RegexpError

class Resolv

each_address each_name getaddress getaddresses getname getnames .each_address .each_name .getaddress .getaddresses .getname .getnames .new ::AddressRegex ::DefaultResolver

class Resolv::DNS

close each_address each_name each_resource getaddress getaddresses getname getnames getresource getresources timeouts= .new .open ::Port ::UDPSize

class Resolv::DNS::Config::OtherResolvError

class Resolv::DNS::DecodeError

class Resolv::DNS::EncodeError

class Resolv::DNS::Name

absolute? subdomain_of? to_s .create .new

class Resolv::DNS::Query

class Resolv::DNS::Requester::RequestError

class Resolv::DNS::Resource

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::ANY

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::CNAME

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::DomainName


class Resolv::DNS::Resource::Generic

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::HINFO

cpu os .new

module Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::A

address .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::AAAA

address .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::ANY

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::CNAME

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::HINFO

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::MINFO

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::MX

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::NS

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::PTR

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::SOA

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::SRV

port priority target weight .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::TXT

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::WKS

address bitmap protocol .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::MINFO

emailbx rmailbx .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::MX

exchange preference .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::NS

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::PTR

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::SOA

expire minimum mname refresh retry rname serial .new

class Resolv::DNS::Resource::TXT

data strings .new

class Resolv::Hosts

each_address each_name getaddress getaddresses getname getnames .new ::DefaultFileName

class Resolv::IPv4

address to_name to_s .create .new ::Regex

class Resolv::IPv6

address to_name to_s .create .new ::Regex ::Regex_6Hex4Dec

class Resolv::ResolvError

module Rinda

class Rinda::DRbObjectTemplate

=== .new

class Rinda::InvalidHashTupleKey

class Rinda::RequestCanceledError

class Rinda::RequestExpiredError

class Rinda::RindaError

class Rinda::SimpleRenewer

renew .new

class Rinda::Template

class Rinda::Tuple

class Rinda::TupleEntry

[] alive? cancel canceled? expired? expires expires= fetch renew size value

class Rinda::TupleSpace

notify read read_all take write .new

class Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy

notify read read_all take write .new

class Ripper

column compile_error encoding end_seen? filename lineno parse warn warning .lex .new .parse .sexp .sexp_raw .slice .token_match .tokenize .yydebug .yydebug= ::EVENTS ::PARSER_EVENTS ::PARSER_EVENT_TABLE ::SCANNER_EVENTS ::SCANNER_EVENT_TABLE ::Version

class Ripper::Filter

column filename lineno on_XXX on_default parse .new

class Ripper::Lexer

lex parse tokenize

class RubyVM


class RubyVM::InstructionSequence

absolute_path base_label disasm eval first_lineno inspect label path to_a to_binary .compile .compile_file .compile_option .compile_option= .disasm .load_from_binary .load_from_binary_extra_data .of

class RuntimeError

class SDBM

[] []= clear close closed? delete delete_if each each_key each_value empty? fetch has_key? has_value? index invert key keys length reject replace select shift store to_a to_hash update values values_at .new .open

class SDBMError

class SOCKSSocket

close .new .new

module Scanf

class Scanf::FormatSpecifier

conversion count_space? letter match matched matched_string mid_match? re_string to_re to_s width

class Scanf::FormatString

last_match_tried last_spec last_spec_tried match matched_count prune space spec_count string_left to_s .new ::REGEX ::SPECIFIERS

class ScriptError

module SecureRandom

.base64 .hex .random_bytes .random_number .urlsafe_base64 .uuid

class SecurityError

class Set

& + - << == ^ classify clear clone collect! delete delete_if disjoint? divide each empty? flatten include? inspect intersect? keep_if length merge proper_subset? proper_superset? replace select! subtract to_a .[] .new

class Shell

[] append atime basename blockdev? cat cd chardev? check_point chmod chown command_processor concat ctime cwd debug debug= delete dir_stack directory? dirname echo executable? executable_real? exist? expand_path file? find_system_command foreach ftype glob grpowned? identical? jobs join kill link lstat mkdir mtime notify open out owned? pipe? popd process_controller pushd readable? readable_real? readlink record_separator record_separator= rehash rename rmdir setgid? setuid? size socket? split stat sticky? symlink symlink? system system_path tee transact truncate umask umask= unlink utime verbose verbose= world_readable? world_writable? writable? writable_real? zero? .alias_command .cascade .cascade= .cd .debug .debug= .debug_output_lock .debug_output_locked? .debug_output_synchronize .debug_output_try_lock .debug_output_unlock .def_system_command .default_record_separator .default_system_path .install_system_commands .new .notify .unalias_command .undef_system_command .verbose .verbose=

class Shell::AppendFile

input= .new

class Shell::AppendIO

input= .new

class Shell::BuiltInCommand

active? wait?

class Shell::Cat

each .new

class Shell::CommandProcessor

[] append atime basename blockdev? cat chardev? check_point chmod chown concat ctime delete directory? dirname echo executable? executable_real? exist? expand_path file? find_system_command foreach ftype glob grpowned? identical? join link lstat mkdir mtime notify open out owned? pipe? readable? readable_real? readlink rehash rename rmdir setgid? setuid? size socket? split stat sticky? symlink symlink? system tee transact truncate unlink utime world_readable? world_writable? writable? writable_real? zero? .add_delegate_command_to_shell .alias_command .alias_map .def_builtin_commands .def_system_command .initialize .install_builtin_commands .install_system_commands .method_added .new .run_config .unalias_command .undef_system_command ::NoDelegateMethods

class Shell::Concat

each .new

class Shell::Echo

each .new

module Shell::Error

class Shell::Error::CantApplyMethod

class Shell::Error::CantDefine

class Shell::Error::CommandNotFound

class Shell::Error::DirStackEmpty

class Shell::Filter

+ < > >> [] append atime basename blockdev? cat chardev? check_point chmod chown concat ctime delete directory? dirname each echo executable? executable_real? exist? file? find_system_command foreach ftype glob grpowned? identical? input input= inspect join link lstat mkdir mtime notify open out owned? pipe? readable? readable_real? readlink rehash rename rmdir setgid? setuid? size socket? split stat sticky? symlink symlink? system tee to_a to_s transact truncate unlink utime world_readable? world_writable? writable? writable_real? zero? | .new

class Shell::Glob

each .new

class Shell::ProcessController

active_job? active_jobs active_jobs_exist? add_schedule jobs jobs_exist? kill_job sfork shell start_job terminate_job wait_all_jobs_execution waiting_job? waiting_jobs waiting_jobs_exist? .activate .active_process_controllers .block_output_synchronize .each_active_object .inactivate .new .process_controllers_exclusive .wait_to_finish_all_process_controllers ::USING_AT_EXIT_WHEN_PROCESS_EXIT

class Shell::SystemCommand

active? command each flush input= kill notify start start_export start_import super_each terminate wait? .new

class Shell::Tee

each .new

class Shell::Void

each .new

module Shellwords

.#shellescape .#shelljoin .#shellsplit .escape .join .split

module Signal

.#list .#signame .#trap

class SignalException

signm signo .new

class SimpleDelegator

__getobj__ __setobj__ .new

module SingleForwardable

def_delegator def_delegators delegate

module Singleton

clone dup .instance

class SizedQueue

class Socket


class Socket::AncillaryData

cmsg_is? data family int ip_pktinfo ipv6_pktinfo ipv6_pktinfo_addr ipv6_pktinfo_ifindex level timestamp type unix_rights .int .ip_pktinfo .ipv6_pktinfo .new .unix_rights

module Socket::Constants


class Socket::Ifaddr

addr broadaddr dstaddr flags ifindex inspect name netmask

class Socket::Option

bool data family int level linger optname unpack .bool .int .linger .new

class Socket::UDPSource

local_address remote_address reply .new

class SocketError

class SortedSet

class StandardError

class StopIteration


class String

% * + +@ -@ << <=> == =~ [] []= ascii_only? b bytes bytesize byteslice capitalize capitalize! casecmp casecmp? center chars chomp chomp! chop chop! chr clear codepoints count crypt delete delete! downcase downcase! dump each_byte each_char each_codepoint each_line empty? encode encode! encoding end_with? eql? ext force_encoding getbyte gsub gsub! hash hex include? index insert inspect intern iseuc isjis issjis isutf8 kconv length lines ljust lstrip lstrip! match match? next next! oct ord parse_csv partition pathmap pathmap_explode pathmap_partial pathmap_replace prepend replace reverse reverse! rindex rjust rpartition rstrip rstrip! scan scanf scrub scrub! setbyte shellescape shellsplit slice! split squeeze squeeze! start_with? strip strip! sub sub! sum swapcase swapcase! to_c to_d to_f to_i to_r to_s toeuc tojis tolocale tosjis toutf16 toutf32 toutf8 tr tr! tr_s tr_s! unicode_normalize unicode_normalize! unicode_normalized? unpack unpack1 upcase upcase! upto valid_encoding? .new .try_convert

class StringIO

<< binmode bytes chars close close_read close_write closed? closed_read? closed_write? codepoints each eof external_encoding fcntl fileno flush fsync getbyte getc gets internal_encoding isatty length lineno lineno= pid pos pos= print printf putc puts read read_nonblock readbyte readline readlines readpartial reopen rewind seek set_encoding string string= sync sync= syswrite truncate tty? ungetbyte ungetc write .new

class StringScanner

<< [] beginning_of_line? charpos check check_until clear empty? exist? get_byte getch inspect match? matched matched? matched_size matchedsize peek pointer pointer= post_match pre_match reset rest rest? rest_size scan scan_full scan_until search_full skip skip_until string string= unscan .must_C_version .new ::Id ::Version

class StringScanner::Error

class Struct

== [] []= dig each each_pair eql? equal? hash inspect length members select to_a to_h to_json values_at .[] .json_create .members

class Struct::Group

gid gid= mem mem= name name= passwd passwd= .each

class Struct::Passwd

age age= change change= comment comment= dir dir= expire expire= gecos gecos= gid gid= name name= passwd passwd= quota quota= shell shell= uclass uclass= uid uid= .each

class Symbol

<=> == =~ [] capitalize casecmp casecmp? downcase empty? encoding id2name inspect intern length match match? next swapcase to_json to_proc upcase .all_symbols .json_create

class Sync


module Sync_m

exclusive? lock locked? shared? sync_ex_count sync_ex_count= sync_ex_locker sync_ex_locker= sync_extend sync_inspect sync_mode sync_sh_locker sync_sh_locker= sync_synchronize sync_try_lock sync_unlock sync_upgrade_waiting sync_upgrade_waiting= sync_waiting sync_waiting= ::EX ::SH ::UN

class Sync_m::Err


class Sync_m::LockModeFailer


class Sync_m::UnknownLocker


class Synchronizer

module Synchronizer_m

class SyntaxError

module Syslog

.#alert .#close .#facility .#instance .#log .#mask .#open .#open! .#opened?

module Syslog::Constants

module Syslog::Facility


module Syslog::Level


class Syslog::Logger

add debug debug? error error? fatal fatal? formatter formatter= info info? level level= unknown unknown? warn warn? .make_methods .new .syslog .syslog= ::LEVEL_MAP ::VERSION

class Syslog::Logger::Formatter


module Syslog::Macros


module Syslog::Option


class SystemCallError

errno .=== .new

class SystemExit

status success? .new

class SystemStackError

class TCPServer

accept accept_nonblock listen sysaccept .new

class TCPSocket

.gethostbyname .new .new

module TSort

each_strongly_connected_component each_strongly_connected_component_from strongly_connected_components tsort tsort_each tsort_each_child tsort_each_node .each_strongly_connected_component .each_strongly_connected_component_from .strongly_connected_components .tsort .tsort_each

class TSort::Cyclic

class TempIO

class Tempfile

close close! delete length open path .create .new

class ThWait

class Thread

[] []= abort_on_exception add_trace_func alive? backtrace backtrace_locations exit group inspect join key? keys name name= pending_interrupt? priority raise report_on_exception run safe_level set_trace_func status stop? thread_variable? thread_variable_get thread_variable_set value wakeup .DEBUG .DEBUG= .abort_on_exception .current .exclusive .exit .fork .handle_interrupt .kill .list .main .new .pass .pending_interrupt? .report_on_exception .stop ::MUTEX_FOR_THREAD_EXCLUSIVE

class Thread::Backtrace::Location

absolute_path base_label inspect label lineno path to_s

class Thread::ConditionVariable

broadcast signal wait .new

class Thread::Mutex

lock locked? owned? sleep synchronize try_lock unlock .new

class Thread::Queue

<< clear close closed? deq empty? length num_waiting .new

class Thread::SizedQueue

<< close deq max max= .new

class ThreadError

class ThreadGroup

add enclose enclosed? list .new ::Default

class ThreadsWait

all_waits empty? finished? join join_nowait next_wait threads .all_waits .new

class ThreadsWait::ErrNoFinishedThread

class ThreadsWait::ErrNoWaitingThread

class Time

+ - <=> asctime day dst? eql? friday? getgm getlocal gmt? gmt_offset gmtime hash hour httpdate iso8601 localtime min mon monday? nsec rfc2822 round saturday? sec strftime subsec succ sunday? thursday? to_a to_date to_datetime to_f to_i to_json to_r to_s to_time tuesday? tv_usec wday wednesday? yday year zone .at .gm .httpdate .iso8601 .json_create .local .new .parse .rfc2822 .strptime

module Timeout


class Timeout::Error

class TimeoutError

class TracePoint

binding callee_id defined_class disable enable enabled? event inspect lineno method_id path raised_exception return_value self .new .stat .trace

class Tracer

add_filter get_line get_thread_no off on set_get_line_procs stdout trace_func .add_filter .display_c_call .display_c_call= .display_process_id .display_process_id= .display_thread_id .display_thread_id= .new .off .on .set_get_line_procs .stdout .stdout= .stdout_mutex .trace_func .verbose .verbose= ::EVENT_SYMBOL ::Single

class TrueClass

& ^ inspect to_s |

class TypeError

class UDPSocket

bind bind connect connect recvfrom_nonblock send send .new

class UNIXServer

accept accept_nonblock listen sysaccept .new

class UNIXSocket

addr path peeraddr recv_io recvfrom send_io .new .pair

module URI

.decode .decode_www_form .decode_www_form_component .encode .encode_www_form .encode_www_form_component .extract .join .parse .regexp .split ::UNSAFE

class URI::BadURIError

class URI::Error

class URI::FTP

typecode typecode= .build .new .new2

class URI::Generic

+ - == absolute coerce component default_port find_proxy fragment fragment= hierarchical? host host= hostname hostname= merge! normalize opaque opaque= parser password password= path path= port port= query query= registry registry= relative? route_to scheme scheme= select to_s user user= userinfo userinfo= .build .build2 .component .default_port .new .use_registry ::COMPONENT ::DEFAULT_PORT

class URI::HTTP

request_uri .build .new

class URI::HTTPS

class URI::InvalidComponentError

class URI::InvalidURIError

class URI::LDAP

attributes attributes= dn dn= extensions extensions= filter filter= scope scope= .build .new

class URI::LDAPS


class URI::MailTo

headers headers= to to= to_mailtext .build .new

class UnboundMethod

== arity bind clone hash inspect name original_name owner parameters source_location super_method

class UncaughtThrowError

tag to_s value

class Vector

* + +@ - -@ / == [] angle_with clone collect collect2 covector cross dot each each2 elements_to_f elements_to_i elements_to_r hash independent? inspect magnitude map2 normalize size to_a to_s .[] .basis .elements .independent?

class Vector::ZeroVectorError

module WEBrick


module WEBrick::AccessLog


class WEBrick::AccessLog::AccessLogError

class WEBrick::BasicLog

<< close debug debug? error error? fatal fatal? info info? level log warn warn? .new ::DEBUG ::ERROR ::FATAL ::INFO ::WARN

class WEBrick::CGI

[] config logger service start .new

class WEBrick::CGI::CGIError

module WEBrick::Config

::BasicAuth ::DigestAuth ::FileHandler ::General ::General ::HTTP ::HTTP ::LIBDIR ::SSL

class WEBrick::Cookie

comment domain expires max_age name path secure to_s value version .new .parse .parse_set_cookie .parse_set_cookies

class WEBrick::Daemon

class WEBrick::GenericServer

[] config listen listeners logger run shutdown ssl_context start status stop tokens .new .new

module WEBrick::HTMLUtils


module WEBrick::HTTPAuth

.#basic_auth .#proxy_basic_auth

module WEBrick::HTTPAuth::Authenticator

logger realm userdb ::AuthException ::AuthScheme ::RequestField ::ResponseField ::ResponseInfoField

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::BasicAuth

authenticate challenge logger realm userdb .make_passwd .new

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::DigestAuth

algorithm authenticate challenge qop .make_passwd .new

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::Htdigest

delete_passwd each flush get_passwd reload set_passwd .new

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::Htgroup

add flush members reload .new

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::Htpasswd

delete_passwd each flush get_passwd reload set_passwd .new

module WEBrick::HTTPAuth::ProxyAuthenticator

::AuthException ::InfoField ::RequestField ::ResponseField

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::ProxyBasicAuth

class WEBrick::HTTPAuth::ProxyDigestAuth

module WEBrick::HTTPAuth::UserDB

auth_type auth_type= get_passwd make_passwd set_passwd

class WEBrick::HTTPProxyServer


class WEBrick::HTTPRequest

[] accept accept_charset accept_encoding accept_language addr attributes body cipher client_cert content_length content_type continue cookies each fixup header host http_version keep_alive meta_vars meta_vars parse parse path path_info path_info= peeraddr port query query_string query_string= raw_header request_line request_method request_time request_uri script_name script_name= server_cert server_name ssl? to_s unparsed_uri user user= .new

class WEBrick::HTTPResponse

[] []= body body= chunked= chunked? config content_length content_type content_type= cookies each filename filename= header http_version keep_alive keep_alive= reason_phrase reason_phrase= request_http_version request_http_version= request_method request_method= request_uri request_uri= sent_size set_error set_redirect status status= status_line to_s .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServer

mount mount_proc umount virtual_host .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServer::MountTable

[] []= delete scan .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServerError

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::AbstractServlet

do_DELETE service .get_instance .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::CGIHandler

do_GET .new ::CGIRunner ::Ruby

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::DefaultFileHandler

do_GET make_partial_content not_modified? prepare_range .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::ERBHandler

do_GET .new

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::FileHandler

do_GET do_OPTIONS do_POST service .add_handler .new .remove_handler ::HandlerTable

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::HTTPServletError

class WEBrick::HTTPServlet::ProcHandler

do_GET get_instance .new

module WEBrick::HTTPStatus

.#client_error? .#error? .#info? .#reason_phrase .#redirect? .#server_error? .#success? .[] ::RC_ACCEPTED

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Accepted

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::BadGateway

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::BadRequest

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ClientError

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Conflict

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Continue

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Created

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::EOFError

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Error

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ExpectationFailed

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Forbidden

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Found

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::GatewayTimeout

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Gone

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::HTTPVersionNotSupported

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Info

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::InternalServerError

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::LengthRequired

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::MethodNotAllowed

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::MovedPermanently

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::MultipleChoices

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NoContent

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NonAuthoritativeInformation

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NotAcceptable

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NotFound

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NotImplemented

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::NotModified

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::OK

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::PartialContent

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::PaymentRequired

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::PreconditionFailed

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ProxyAuthenticationRequired

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Redirect

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::RequestEntityTooLarge

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::RequestRangeNotSatisfiable

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::RequestTimeout

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::RequestURITooLarge

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ResetContent

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::SeeOther

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ServerError

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ServiceUnavailable

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Status

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Success

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::SwitchingProtocols

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::TemporaryRedirect

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::Unauthorized

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::UnsupportedMediaType

class WEBrick::HTTPStatus::UseProxy

module WEBrick::HTTPUtils

.#dequote .#escape .#escape8bit .#escape_path .#load_mime_types .#mime_type .#parse_header .#parse_range_header .#quote .#split_header_value .#unescape ::DefaultMimeTypes

class WEBrick::HTTPUtils::FormData

<< [] append_data each_data filename list name to_s .new

class WEBrick::HTTPVersion

<=> major minor to_s .convert .new

class WEBrick::Log


object WEBrick::NullReader


class WEBrick::ServerError

class WEBrick::SimpleServer

module WEBrick::Utils

.#create_listeners .#getservername .#random_string .#set_close_on_exec .#set_non_blocking .#su

class WIN32OLE

[] []= _getproperty _invoke _setproperty each invoke method_missing ole_activex_initialize ole_free ole_func_methods ole_get_methods ole_method ole_methods ole_obj_help ole_put_methods ole_query_interface ole_respond_to? ole_typelib setproperty .codepage .codepage= .connect .const_load .create_guid .locale .locale= .new .ole_free .ole_reference_count .ole_show_help ::ARGV ::CP_ACP ::CP_MACCP ::CP_OEMCP ::CP_SYMBOL ::CP_THREAD_ACP ::CP_UTF7 ::CP_UTF8 ::LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT ::LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT ::VERSION



class WIN32OLERuntimeError


handler handler= off_event on_event on_event_with_outargs unadvise .message_loop .new


dispid event? event_interface helpcontext helpfile helpstring invkind invoke_kind name offset_vtbl params return_type return_type_detail return_vtype size_opt_params size_params visible? .new


default input? name ole_type ole_type_detail optional? output? retval? .new


default_event_sources default_ole_types guid helpcontext helpfile helpstring implemented_ole_types inspect major_version minor_version name ole_methods ole_type ole_typelib progid source_ole_types src_type typekind variables visible? .new .ole_classes .progids .typelibs


guid library_name major_version minor_version name ole_classes path version visible? .new .typelibs


name ole_type ole_type_detail value variable_kind varkind visible?


[] []= value value= vartype .array .new ::Empty ::Nothing ::Null

module Warning

warn .warn

class WeakRef

__getobj__ __setobj__ weakref_alive? .new

class WeakRef::RefError

class Win32::Registry

[] []= _dump close create created? delete delete_key descriptor_length disposition each each_key flush hkey info inspect keyname keys name open open? opened? parent read read_bin read_s_expand write write_bin .create .expand_environ .new .time2wtime .type2name .wtime2time ::HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

module Win32::Registry::API

.#CloseKey ::RegCloseKey

module Win32::Registry::Constants


class Win32::Registry::Error

code ::FormatMessageA

class Win32::Registry::PredefinedKey

class close .new

class Win32::Resolv

.#get_hosts_path .#get_resolv_info

class XMP

puts .new

module YAML

class YAML::DBM

[] []= delete delete_if each each_value fetch has_value? index invert key reject replace select shift to_a to_hash update values values_at ::VERSION

class YAML::Store


class ZeroDivisionError

module Zlib


class Zlib::BufError

class Zlib::DataError

class Zlib::Deflate

<< deflate finish flush params set_dictionary .deflate .new

class Zlib::Error

class Zlib::GzipFile

close closed? comment crc finish level mtime orig_name os_code path sync .new .open .wrap

class Zlib::GzipFile::CRCError

class Zlib::GzipFile::Error

input inspect

class Zlib::GzipFile::LengthError

class Zlib::GzipFile::NoFooter

class Zlib::GzipReader

each each_byte eof getc gets lineno lineno= pos read readchar readline readlines readpartial rewind ungetc unused .new .open .wrap

class Zlib::GzipWriter

<< close comment= flush mtime= orig_name= pos print printf putc puts write .new .open .wrap

class Zlib::Inflate

<< finish inflate set_dictionary sync sync_point? .inflate .new

class Zlib::MemError

class Zlib::NeedDict

class Zlib::StreamEnd

class Zlib::StreamError

class Zlib::VersionError

class Zlib::ZStream

adler avail_in avail_out avail_out= close closed? data_type finish finished? flush_next_in flush_next_out reset total_in total_out .new

class fatal

object main

.define_method .include .inspect .private .public .using